12 Must-Have Travel Products for Babies

By Willow Breckenridge | Mar 8, 2021


When it’s time to hit the road with your new baby, the right gear makes the seemingly impossible less burdensome. While you might still have to make a list and check it multiple times, products designed for travel’s realities produce fewer headaches — and backaches. 

If you’re sitting down to make your shower list, keep your lifestyle in mind if you fall into the globetrotting club. Ensure you include these 12 must-have travel products for babies so that you’re ready to explore all the world has to offer with your little bundle in tow. 

1. A Reliable Travel System 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one device that could transform from a stroller to a car seat to an airline-approved infant carrier? Wouldn’t it be divine if it offered handy storage nooks while still meeting airline regulations for additional carry-on luggage? Be grateful — the infant gods have smiled upon you with this reliable travel system that will solve multiple problems with one purchase. 

2. A Backpack Diaper Bag 

Traditional diaper bags that sling over one shoulder can do a number on your back. Over time, you start to favor the side, creating an unnatural curvature. Give your aching spine a break with an ergonomically designed backpack model that features various compartments to stash away wet wipes and rash cream. 

3. A Swaddle Sleep Sack

Isn’t it heavenly when your little bundle of joy drifts off to dreamland while you travel? You can attend to all the things you need to do without any strangers glancing in your direction when your infant makes a sound. Help them get comfortable enough to nap on the road with a swaddle sleep sack that is like a weighted blanket for baby.  

4. A Small Folding Stroller

Guess what — it’s okay to add more than one stroller to your registry. It’s advisable because sometimes you need all the bells and whistles. When you hit the road, though, you need something that you can toss in and out of the trunk of your car without straining your lower back. This lightweight folding model won’t take up much room but gives your baby a comfortable ride. 

5. A Potty

When your infant gets old enough to potty-train, they might nevertheless balk at using strange “grownup” toilets. You might also have concerns about rest-stop germs. This smart potty is easy to clean and won’t take up much room in your trunk. 

6. A Lightweight Travel Crib 

When you reach your destination, you want a safe place for your baby to play while you unpack and review your itinerary. A lightweight travel crib creates a comfortable area for your infant to engage in activity without getting into mischief. 

7. A Travel High Chair

Many restaurants provide high chairs for infant guests, but you might hesitate to use a shared one in today’s pandemic world. Why not invest in a travel high chair that you can keep in your trunk? You’ll enjoy improved peace of mind while dining on the road, and your little one will love the vibrant colors. 

8. A Portable Place Mat 

It doesn’t matter how many times you wipe down some surfaces with a disinfecting wipe. You’ll still feel uncomfortable with your baby eating Cheerios off of them. This portable placemat provides a sanitary surface for your baby’s favorite snack time treat. 

9. A Travel Play Tray 

How do you keep your little one occupied on the road? Cries of “are we there yet” can try even the most patient parent’s soul. You need an activity center that can go from your car to your old college roommate’s living room without dropping pieces everywhere. This model provides a desk and all the peripherals to keep your little one occupied, playing and learning. 

10. Toddler-Sized Luggage 

When your little one gets old enough, they’ll invariably want to walk some of the time. Won’t your tot feel proud pulling their toddler-sized luggage through the airport on the way to check-in? The curved design lets your child ride on this model like a toy when they get tired. 

11. A Carrier Shade

Your baby’s skin is delicate. Your infant could get a nasty sunburn before you know it, even on a cloudy day. However, you can protect them from UV rays and help them nap with this carrier cover that fits over car seat models. 

12. A First Aid Kit

As a parent, you know that “owies” can happen anywhere. It pays to stash a first aid kit in your diaper bag for such occasions. This model includes trusted brand-name items in a compact size that you can stow away anywhere. 

Invest in These 12 Must-Have Travel Products for Babies

Hitting the road with an infant does require extra preparation and the right gear. Add these 12 must-have travel products for babies to your shower registry today. 

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