15 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

By Willow Breckenridge | Oct 25, 2021

When parents find out they’re having a baby, it can be one of the most exciting times! Between all of the tiny clothes, nursery decorations and preparation, the journey of pregnancy and parenthood is such a sweet time. 

One of the most anticipated times in pregnancy is getting to know the baby’s sex. Not long ago, finding out the gender of a loved one’s baby was through word of mouth. Now, though, gender reveal parties have become a popular way of surprising friends and loved ones with the baby’s gender! 

Gender reveal parties are typically at the end of the second trimester when the gender is detectable through the sonogram and the chance of miscarriage decreases. It’s simply a way to enjoy the time of pregnancy and celebrate the new little boy or girl coming into their lives.

Here are 15 creative gender reveal ideas for expecting parents.

1. Piñata

The sight of a piñata will build suspense for guests and parents-to-be at a gender reveal party. Keep with the theme and serve tacos and virgin margaritas. Towards the end of the party, the expecting parents can smash open the piñata to reveal colored confetti or candy. 

2. Cake Pops

Cake gender reveals are one of the most traditional gender reveal ideas. Switch it up a little by providing guests with individual cake pops. Have everyone bite into them at the same time to reveal a pink or blue cake inside!

3. Baseball, Football or Golf Ball

The father-to-be will love involving sports in the gender-reveal party. He can hit a baseball out of the park, punt a football or drive a golf ball filled with pink or blue powder. With the hit, kick or drive, the ball explodes with color, revealing the gender.

4. Paint Guns

Couples who want to be a little artsy and messy with their gender reveal can use paint guns. Grab a few paint guns, fill them up with either pink or blue paint, wear white, and the couple can spray paint at one another, a canvas or their guests! 

5. Lightsabers

Star Wars fans will love this gender reveal idea. Couples expecting a little Luke Skywalker will get lightsabers that light up blue. Those expecting a Princess Leia will have lightsabers that light up pink! These also make great party favors. 

6. Smoke Bombs

Gender reveal smoke bombs are a cool way to find out the sex of the baby. Parents-to-be can be just as surprised as other guests when a designated person who knows the gender sets one off. This is great for photos, too, as either pink or blue smoke creates a great background! 

7. Fireworks

Gender reveals in the summertime mean parents can take advantage of all of the fireworks, especially around Independence Day! Fireworks add a dramatic flair to a gender reveal party. Use caution when setting off fireworks, though. 

8. Scratch-Off Cards

Couples can make their own scratch-off cards or purchase them online. All of the guests can scratch off a little area on the card to reveal the gender of the baby. Plus, expecting parents can send these to family and friends who live far away so they can participate in the gender reveal, too.

9. Fortune Cookies

Who doesn’t love a fortune cookie? Now, there are fortune cookies made with either pink or blue paper inside! Guests can break open the fortune cookie to reveal a small strip of paper. Catering Chinese food will fit the theme, too!

10. Pumpkin Smash

Fall is an excellent time for gender reveals, and there are so many seasonal ways to show a baby’s gender! One of those is through a pumpkin smash. Parents-to-be can carve or smash into a pumpkin filled with pink or blue candy, slime or confetti.

11. Bonfire

On a peaceful summer night or cool fall afternoon, expecting parents can sit around a bonfire with their families and friends. Once it gets darker, they can add a flame color-changing chemical to turn the fire pink or blue!

12. Riddles 

Putting guests to work and having them use their brains can be an entertaining way to reveal the sex of a baby. Parents can build suspense for their guests and write out a riddle for them to solve, eventually revealing the gender.

13. Hershey Bars

The great thing about Hersey bars is that they’re tasty and can help with a gender reveal! The word “Hershey” contains both “he” and “she” in the letters. Expecting parents can color in the “he” or “she” with a coordinating color, wrap the bars in white paper, and have guests open them to reveal the gender. 

14. Scavenger Hunt

Send guests on a scavenger hunt to find out the baby’s gender! Interactive gender reveals bring excitement and a little bit of competition to a gender reveal party. Split guests up into teams to go on a scavenger hunt. The team that makes it to the end first can pop a balloon, use a confetti bomb or cut the cake to reveal the gender. 

15. Adult Baby Race

Finally, couples who want to put an exciting twist on a classic gender reveal can designate two people to participate in an adult baby race. These two know the gender, and they get to dress up in an adult baby costume — one with pink accessories and the other with blue. Set up a track, and have them race to the finish line. The baby’s gender will be the winner!

Boy or Girl? 

Gender reveals are such an exciting moment in a pregnancy, and it helps solidify color choices and clothing for a newborn baby. Use one of these creative gender reveal ideas for a party! 

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