10 Fun Things to Do When Pregnant

By Willow Breckenridge | Mar 19, 2021


Your pregnancy is a magical time — you owe it to yourself and your unborn to make the most of it. How can you enjoy this special period? 

From getting a model made of your beautiful belly to taking a vacation before your delivery, modern trends celebrate and honor the mama-to-be. Add these ten fun things to do when pregnant to your expecting itinerary. 

1. Get a Baby Belly Cast

You can now commemorate your beautiful body changes when expecting by making a belly cast of your baby bump. The idea is far from new, but modern mamas have brought it back with a vengeance. 

You can find plenty of DIY kits at most retailers, or you can go to a specialty shop to have yours done. The least expensive option is to go with standard plaster, although you can always get it coated with another material once it hardens. You can mount it for a wall display or make it into a one-of-a-kind coffee table conversation piece. 

2. Decorate the Nursery

If you always dreamed of being on an interior design reality show, here’s your opportunity. Go wild decorating your nursery. If you are a playful sort, you can go with a fun cartoon theme that lets you transform your baby’s room into a pineapple under the sea. 

If you prefer a more classic look, pay attention to the latest trends. Many mamas choose to forego the changing table, opting instead for a basket and a multipurpose dresser that grows with your infant. Please include an old-fashioned rocking chair, as they make the perfect place for 3 a.m. feedings. 

3. Cook New, Creative Meals 

Once you get past the morning sickness stage of pregnancy, you’ll move on to the craving stage. Why not have some fun in the kitchen when your taste buds are already clamoring for things like pickles and ice cream? 

Find out if you like your seafood a bit on the spicy side by tackling a Thai clam chowder. Are you more in the mood for Italian-Asian fusion? Whip up a big pot of spaghetti Gangnam style. 

4. Read to Your Unborn

Your baby loves the sound of your voice, and they begin forming pleasant associations while still in the womb. Now’s the time to start your Little Golden Books collection and read to your baby nightly — consider it a dress rehearsal for after delivery. 

What should you choose? Anything you like to read will do — it’s the rise and fall of your vocal cords that soothe your baby like a cat’s purr. However, if you have a scientific mindset, there’s nothing wrong with performing a little experiment. Go ahead and start with books that teach the alphabet and other basic skills. Maybe it will help when they reach that developmental stage.  

5. Dance and Sing 

Unless your doctor says otherwise, you should exercise when pregnant. Doing so increases oxygen circulation to your baby, flooding them with sustaining nutrients for growth. 

However, you might not feel like hitting the gym once your bump gets bigger. Why not crank your favorite tunes and boogie down in your living room? 

6. Take Weekly Photos 

Another way to commemorate this magical time is to take weekly photos as your bump grows. Every few weeks, you can upload progress shots to social media to delight faraway friends and relatives. 

If you are the crafty sort, why not make a scrapbook? You can also get creative, using yarn and inexpensive frames to design hanging wall art that displays your journey to parenthood. 

7. Write Letters to Your Baby

Could you imagine how tender it would be to get a letter from your mother that she wrote to you when pregnant? Why not use this idea to create a beautiful legacy for your unborn? 

You can also make this into a daily mindfulness activity. Buy an adorable journal just for baby and write each night, reflecting on your emotions as you approach your due date. 

8. Get Beautified (Safely)

Unfortunately, a salon is not the place for expectant mamas to be with the threat of COVID-19 remaining. However, no one says you can’t recreate the spa experience at home. 

Schedule an afternoon to give yourself a luxurious pedicure. If your bump doesn’t let you touch your piggy toes with ease, give the instructions to your partner and trade pampering pedis. You can also indulge in things like gentle shoulder and back massages on a chair, although you should avoid lying on your belly until after delivery.

9. Make a New Mom Fitness Buddy

Motherhood changes many things, including your workout routine. Why not plan to get back in shape after delivery by making a new mama workout pal or two now? 

Social networking sites such as Meetup and Nextdoor allow you to connect with others nearby. Search for mom-centric fitness groups. If you can’t find any, nothing can stop you from starting one yourself. 

10. Plan a Babymoon

Once the baby arrives, you won’t have much solo romantic time with your spouse. Plus, hitting the road will require more preparation. 

That’s why many couples now choose to get away before the baby arrives. Experts recommend traveling between the 14th and 28th weeks when your morning sickness has passed and you’re less likely to go into labor on the road. Please ensure you cover yourself with travel health insurance — just in case. 

Do These 10 Fun Things When Pregnant to Celebrate Expecting

You want to make the most of the magical time when you await the birth of your baby. Add these ten fun things to do when pregnant and celebrate bringing new life into the world. 

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