10 Short Prayers for Children

By Willow Breckenridge | Apr 14, 2021

You’re never too young to embrace the power of prayer. While you have to make devotions for little ones understandable to the toddler set, you can nevertheless guide them to reflect on their internal world and celebrate their spirit. Here are ten short prayers for children that you can recite every day. 

1. A Prayer of Thanks

Your child should learn that feeling appreciative for what they have benefits them. Research out of Berkeley shows that those who write letters of gratitude in conjunction with therapy have greater improvements in happiness than those who attend counseling alone. 

Dear __________ (use your preferred form of address for the Divine), thank you for __________. I appreciate it because __________. 

The last part is critical to fostering a genuine spirit of gratitude. How does their food or puppy make their lives better? 

2. A Prayer for Protection

Part of teaching your children to control their behavior means providing positive coping mechanisms to deal with big feelings like fear. Prayer is one way to get a grip when everything seems too frightening. 

Dear __________, I ask you to watch over me while I go through __________. Please help me to remember that I have always been okay before. Please encourage me to be brave and make wise choices to make this situation less scary. 

3. A Prayer for Happiness

Ultimately, you want your child to be happy. Empower them by letting them know it’s okay to pray for joy. 

Dear __________, please fill my life with things that make me and those around me happy. Help me to always act and behave in a way that brings smiles and laughter to my face and those whom I love. 

4. A Prayer for Loved Ones 

Maybe you learned to say, “please bless Uncle Larry,” and taught your children to do the same. However, what does the word “bless” mean to a 3-year-old? Try this compassionate short prayer for children wanting to shower goodness on their relatives.  

Dear __________, please watch over the people I love and keep them safe from anything that might hurt their bodies or worry their minds. Please give them all the things they need to stay healthy and happy. 

5. A Prayer for Good Grades

You want to instill the message that your child’s grades result from their efforts, not from their teacher “giving” them one — or divine intervention. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t ask the Almighty for a bit of guidance. 

Dear __________, please guide me each day as I go through school. Help me to remember that anything is possible if I give my best effort. Guide me as I study and remind me to take breaks when I feel frustrated so that I keep trying until I reach my goals. 

6. A Prayer of Wonder

Children who spend time in nature are more likely to protect the planet as adults. Help them express their marvel at the environment’s beauty through prayer. 

Dear __________, thank you for creating this big, beautiful and mysterious planet for me to explore. Help me remember that I am only one of many living things and must care for the plants and animals that also call earth home. 

7. A Prayer for Self-Confidence

Your child’s sense of self-confidence colors how other people treat them, which in return fosters healthy self-esteem — or erodes it. Use this prayer to help your child recapture their mojo when the world leaves them feeling lesser. 

Dear __________, please help me to remember that I am one of your unique creations. No one on earth is exactly like me. You made me this way to fulfill my special destiny, and I know you do not make mistakes. Thank you for making me who I am and remind me that I am worthy. 

8. A Prayer for Friends 

You want to do all you can to help your child make friends. Why not invoke the power of prayer to attract quality buddies into their life?

Dear __________, help me to find other people to share my life’s journey with me. Guide me toward finding kindred spirits who enjoy the same things that I do, lift me when I feel down, and encourage me to be the best person I can. 

9. A Prayer for Healing 

It’s unfair, but children can get sick, too. Plus, they might have valid fears about the pandemic that increase their anxiety — help tame it with this short prayer for children.

Dear __________, please watch over me when I don’t feel well. Help my doctors and parents know the right medicines to heal me when I do get sick. Guide me toward making better choices like washing my hands and wearing a mask to keep germs away. 

10. A Prayer for Bedtime 

You might be one of many parents who encourages prayer at bedtime. Doing so sets the stage for later meditative practices or deeper contemplation of spiritual truths. It’s also an ideal way to ease your child into dreamland with a positive, relaxed mindset. 

Dear __________, thank you for another day on this beautiful planet. Please help me to reflect on all that I have done and do even better tomorrow. Guide my body into a restful sleep and watch over me and keep me safe while I dream. 

Try One of These 10 Short Prayers for Children at Bedtime 

It’s never too early to celebrate your child’s spiritual side. Try one of these ten short prayers for children at bedtime tonight or any time of day. 

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