10 Educational Child Shows

By Willow Breckenridge | Feb 28, 2022

Are you looking for educational child shows? Maybe you’ve run out of episodes of your go-to show. Or perhaps you’re gearing up for a long holiday and need a couple of shows to get you through a drive to grandma and grandpas.

Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered with ten of the best educational shows for children. They’re ready to stream or download to your device. Read on for the best option for your kiddos.

1.  Ask the StoryBots

Netflix, Ages Three and Up

This educational show for toddlers features the main characters Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang, and Bo to answer a child’s important questions. Ask the StoryBots stands out from other educational shows in its creative medium. Utilizing a mix of animation, clay, songs, field trips and music videos, your child will learn about topics ranging from how germs spread to why we recycle. 

2. Dinosaur Train

PBS, Ages Three and Up

If you have a dinosaur lover in your family, this is the perfect show for your kiddo! Dinosaur Train is a story about a family of Pteranodons and their adopted T-Rex sibling. In each episode, your child will learn more about the habits of dinosaurs from different eras. At the end of each show, a paleontologist will conclude the episode with additional facts to further inspire your child’s love of dinosaurs.

3.  Nature Cat

PBS, Ages Three and Up

Nature Cat is a show rooted in a natural science curriculum geared to get kids outside and explore. Fred is the Nature Cat and main character of the series. As a house cat, he dreams of exploring the outdoors and soon finds his wish granted. By watching this show, your kids will learn scientific topics and be motivated to turn off the television–what more could a parent hope for?

4.  Number Blocks

Netflix, Ages Three and Up

Number Blocks is the perfect educational show for young toddlers. Your child can learn simple counting lessons with colorful blocks with five-minute episodes. They’ll also love the engaging songs, bright animation and creative dialogue.

5.  Odd Squad

PBS, Ages Five and Up

The Odd Squad is a kid secret agency that works when unusual things happen. Math concepts are always part of each case, so each agent must problem-solve and figure out the solution. Viewers can expect to hypothesize along with the agents, using addition, subtraction and fact families to save the day with the Odd Squad.

6. The Magic School Bus

Netflix, Ages Six and Up

An oldie but a goodie, The Magic School Bus, aired from ‘94-’97. Ms. Frizzle teaches her class about body systems, weather patterns or outer space by taking them on unforgettable field trips. If you grew up in the 90’s chances are you’ll want to revisit these episodes when your child watches. Once you’ve finished watching, you can try Netflix’s companion series, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, featuring Ms. Frizzle’s sister, Fiona.

7.  Wild Kratts

PBS, Ages Six and Up

Wild Kratts is an educational show about wild animals and their habitat and behavior. It’s produced by zoologist brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, who have been staples on PBS since the early 2000s with shows like Kratts’ Creatures and Zoboomafooo. Wild Kratts blends animation and real-life footage of animals. Your children will learn science concepts and have fun too.

8.  Brainchild

Netflix, Ages Seven and Up

Brainchild is a science-inspired show that uses experiments and presentations to explain concepts like neurology, marine biology, gravity and the senses. Using creative mediums, this show does a fantastic job of making these abstract topics relatable to young viewers.

9.  The Who Was Show

Netflix, Ages Eight and Up

If you’re looking for a show covering historical figures, look no further. The Who Was Show features prominent figures from history. Kid actors bring noteworthy individuals like Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Franklin and Queen Elizabeth to life by performing comedy-style skits. Your children will learn the biographies of important historical figures and actually enjoy it!

10.       Mythbusters

Discovery+, Ages Nine and Up

Another oldie but goodie, you can stream past episodes of Mythbusters on Discovery+ and watch Adam and Jamie see if Mentos and Coke mix. Your kids will love the drama, excitement and humor. By the way, it’s real science! So, your kids will have fun, and you can rest assured that they’re learning.

Best Educational Shows for Your Kids

There are plenty of options for educational child shows, but you want the best. Now that you have ten new options choose the best for your kids and make that upcoming holiday car ride a little more bearable.

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