10 Benefits of Learning to Swim

By Kara Reynolds | Mar 28, 2022

Parents have busy schedules. You’re taking kids to school or playdates between after-school activities and errands. Signing them up for more lessons might sound impossible, but there are many incredible benefits of learning to swim. Check out why every child should take swimming lessons and what they’ll gain from the extra time away from home.

Should Every Kid Learn to Swim?

Even if you live in a landlocked state, your kids will eventually come across a body of water. Their friend could throw a birthday party at the pool. They could join a community service group that travels to an oceanfront town. Maybe a family member gets a boat and invites everyone out on the water for the afternoon.

If your child doesn’t understand how to keep themselves afloat, they’ll live with an extra danger waiting down the road. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that kids between ages one to four die more often from drowning than any other cause of death. Signing up for lessons is an easy way to prevent your family from joining that statistic.

Where Can Kids Learn to Swim?

Your town doesn’t need a specialized swimming center to offer lessons. These are a few common places parents take their kids when they’re learning to swim.

A Nonprofit Community Center

Many community centers offer seasonal swimming lessons. If your town has a place like the YMCA, make a quick phone call to inquire about their upcoming classes. You may have to wait until summer if they only have an outdoor pool.

The Local Fitness Center

Standard gyms don’t have enough room for an indoor pool, but fitness centers often have pools designed for competitive swimming practice. They could also schedule annual classes for kids who need to learn how to swim, so look for one close to your home to find out more.

In Your Backyard

Are you wondering about swimming lessons for kids because you recently installed a pool in your backyard? Hire a local swim instructor or lifeguard to lead a few classes right on your property. Check for relevant certifications and make a job posting to find the best person for the job.

You may need to contact a local pool facility to ask swim instructors for private lessons. They’ll guarantee the instructor’s certifications are up to date, so you don’t have to wonder about who contacts you from your virtual job posting. 

In a Public Pool

Public pools are another resource for kids who need swim classes. Contact the owner of the pool’s property to see if they’ve ever hosted lessons before. Since the classes happen on a public site, they’ll likely be much more affordable than any at private swim centers.

The Benefits of Learning to Swim

After your child learns to float, paddle, and kick, they’ll also experience these benefits of learning to swim. The many perks stretch beyond the edge of the pool, so look beyond tomorrow’s poolside fun to see how swimming could change your child’s life.

1. Everyone Gets to Exercise

In a world that runs on technology, it’s challenging to get kids off the couch. Your children likely enjoy playing video games and streaming content when they aren’t studying. Parents are aware that limiting screen time can improve a child’s eyesight and benefit their mental health, but replacing that entertainment isn’t easy.

Swim lessons are a great alternative to screen time because everyone gets a little exercise. Your kids will get their heart rate up and have fun in a brand new way. The water will also cool them off in the summer, which is a much better alternative than sweating through the afternoons in your living room.

2. Kids Defeat Their Fears

Your child may never have learned to swim because they’re nervous around the water. There are many reasons why kids worry around pools, but swimming with an instructor who gains their trust will teach them to defeat their fears. Instead of relying solely on things like worry jars to reduce your child’s anxiety, you’ll show them how to take action and end their biggest fears for good.

3. Swimmers Get More Cardio

If you’ve ever purposefully added cardio to your daily routine, you’ll know how it can transform your self-confidence after phases of your life that cause natural weight gain. Although your kids don’t have to worry about weight loss, they’ll benefit from the additional weekly cardio. The post-exercise endorphins can also build long-term self-confidence right before their body begins to change during puberty. 

4. Young Ones Learn Water Safety

Even if your child finishes their swim classes and doesn’t enjoy it, they’ll still become safer because they’ve learned how to act around bodies of water. The instructor will show them how to do things like walk around the pool, ask for adult supervision before swimming, and put floaties on before entering the water. It could mean the difference between happy days by the pool or an accident that requires a trip to the nearest hospital.

5. Swimmers Build Stamina

Endurance is a helpful thing for young kids. They’ll get more enjoyment out of their time on the playground or biking with friends. Swimming requires consistent cardio, which increases their stamina. Your child won’t get out of breath the next time they want to keep up with their friends.

Increased stamina could also increase your child’s interest in other sports. They may get more enjoyment out of running around on a basketball court or competing in tennis matches because they have the physical strength to endure the constant activity.

6. Kids Gain More Muscle

Another great thing about swimming is that it’s a total body workout. Whether your child practices with a kickboard or learns the freestyle stroke, they’ll engage multiple muscle groups. As they use their abdominal, arm, leg, and shoulder muscles, your child will also become stronger outside of the pool.

7. Everyone Makes New Friends

Many parents sign their kids up for swim lessons, especially if it’s the first few classes of the season. Your child will meet many new friends their age because each class groups kids together by age. Consider swim classes if your child doesn’t have many friends at school or takes virtual courses at home.

8. Kids Boost Their Self-Esteem

Learning something new always boosts your self-esteem. Children walk away from swim lessons trusting that they can achieve any goal they set for themselves. Higher self-esteem will encourage them to expand their horizons long after moving out of the house.

9. Children Could Save Lives

If your kids don’t enjoy learning to swim, they’ll still get the basics down. They could save someone’s life if they see a friend struggling to stay afloat in the community pool later on. They might also teach other kids how to swim like them, which keeps more young people safe.

10. Children Get New Futures

Trying a swim class could open a new future of possibilities for your child. They may fall in love with the sport and join a community or school team. While they use the sport to build their social lives and learn more about themselves, they could also become eligible for scholarships to over 660 U.S. universities that have swim teams. Swimming might be the way for your child to go to college without excessive student debt or financial stress.

Schedule a Swim Lesson Today

Whether kids meet up with a swim instructor when they’re toddlers or high schoolers, there are many benefits of learning to swim. Consider which of these perks would change their lives for the better and even create outstanding futures.

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