Prenatal Yoga Poses You Can Do Into the Third Trimester

By Kara Reynolds | May 13, 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or you’ve recently gotten into yoga throughout your pregnancy, it’s no secret that your third trimester is different from the earlier stages of pregnancy. Not only are you getting closer to your due date, but you also inevitably have to deal with the larger belly and heightened physical symptoms. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t keep your beloved yoga practice going. Of course, everyone is different, and different poses will be unique in every body — pregnant or not. Here are some of the best yoga poses you can keep doing well into your third trimester. 

Wide Legged Child’s Pose

Even though child’s pose with the knees tucked together might be difficult to do with a larger belly, widening your knees to the edges of your yoga mat can make a comfortable space for your belly between your legs, which can allow you to rest there like a resting pose is meant to accommodate. 

Legs Up the Wall

If you want a relaxing pose to give you a restorative boost, legs up the wall is a great way to find that. Not only does this pose offer a bit of relaxation, but it also allows for some relief on your back, knees and joints that require a little extra love during this trimester.

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is a fantastic yoga pose for accommodating a larger belly because it doesn’t require any pressure on the belly. Although you should make sure that your back is positioned in a way that doesn’t put additional pressure on the lower spine, bridge pose can give a good stretch and relief to your back and shoulders. Simply bending your knees and putting your feet on the floor as you lie on your back and pushing your hips towards the ceiling are the basics of this pose.

Goddess Squat

Goddess squat is another pose that works especially well during the third trimester, as all it takes is turning out the feet in a starfish position and squatting with the knees tracking over the center of the foot. This is a great hip opener and can even be great for the baby.


If you want something with a little bit more restorative power, put your feet together and widen your knees in a butterfly pose as you recline back on a bolster or even on the floor. Although this position will function differently for everybody, it often can relieve the pressure on the hips and back and give you a great relief.


Cat and cow pose is a classic warm-up for any yoga workout, and it can be especially great for prenatal yoga, even as your belly gets bigger. In fact, this can be the primary pose to give your hips and back some lateral movement and stretching that can be difficult to achieve in other poses.

Warrior II

If you feel up to doing the warrior poses in your third trimester, warrior two can be a fantastic hip opener and strengthener. Not only can you feel strong and secure in this pose, but it can also feel very flexible and stretch you out. Although you might need to get into the pose differently than you used to, you can still enjoy all of the benefits.

Warrior I

Similarly to the second warrior pose, warrior one can be another great strengthener, this time with squared hips. Again, you might need to enter this pose a little differently than you normally would, but it’s still definitely worth it.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold

Stretching into a forward fold usually isn’t in the cards for the third trimester, however, when you widen your legs and allow yourself to bend slowly, you can actually experience a fantastic stretch that doesn’t bother your belly. Wide legged forward fold can be a great pose any time, and you may even find that you keep this one around in your routine even after you have your baby.

Side Savasana

Taking your final resting pose lying on your back can sometimes be difficult with a pregnancy belly. Not only is it safer to lie on your left side, but it also can be much more comfortable and allow you the rest and relaxation that you should be feeling in this pose. You can even support this position with props and blankets.

Prenatal Yoga for the Third Trimester

No matter what your yoga practice normally looks like, there are so many ways that you can accommodate your third trimester and still get everything you want out of your yoga practice. Do you have any favorite poses that you love?

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