The 10 Best Children Shows You Can Stream Right Now

By Willow Breckenridge | Oct 15, 2021

Are you looking for a new show to watch with your child? Maybe you have a couple of kiddos at home, and you’re looking for something age-appropriate for your entire family. Well, cue up your favorite streaming service, grab your cup of coffee and get the lazy Saturday morning going! Here are some of the best children’s shows you can stream right now.

Best Shows for Toddlers

1.  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Ages Two and Up, Stream for Free on PBS Kids App, or Amazon Prime

Inspired by the world of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger is a toddler and often must deal with real-world situations like going to the doctor for the first time, meeting a neighbor and going to daycare. Daniel learns that it’s okay to feel nervous, excited, or scared and understands how to process his emotions through fun and memorable songs. It’s an educational and sweet show for young children and it’ll prove nostalgic for parents who grew up on Mr. Rogers themselves.  

2.  Ask the StoryBots

Ages Three and Up, Stream on Netflix

If a show gets compared to Sesame Street, you know it’s doing something right. Ask the StoryBots follows a simple pattern each episode – main characters Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo are tasked to answer a question – and proceed to do just that. However, the method in which the questions are answered is why the show garners its Sesame Street comparison – it’s downright creative, engaging and compelling. You might want to take a break and check your phone, but you’ll find yourself watching the Storybots with your little one.

3.  Dinosaur Train

Ages Three and Up, Stream for Free on PBS Kids App, or Amazon Prime

The perfect show for kids who love dinosaurs – Dinosaur Train features stories about a family of Pteranodons and their adopted T-Rex brother. Each episode goes into great depth about the different diets and habits of other dinosaurs and ends with a segment that features a real paleontologist explaining more facts about the creatures. This series is excellent for any child to grow their enthusiasm for dinosaurs further! 

4.  Doc McStuffins

Ages Four and Up, Stream on Disney+

A fun series for any child with a caring heart, each episode of Doc McStuffins centers around diagnosing and caring for sick and hurt stuffed animals. The main character Doc runs a check-up on her sick toys in each episode, where she utilizes surrounding clues to give the correct diagnosis. Toddlers get to join in during this problem-solving process, as there is an appropriate amount of silence after each clue is found for toddlers to call out their suggestion for the diagnosis. Children can learn much about real-life illness from this show, as well as develop their brainstorming skills.

5.  Octonauts

Ages Four and Up, Stream on Netflix

Octonauts is a nautical adventure that’s enjoyable for both toddlers and adults alike. The main animal characters work and live together aboard an underwater station. In each episode, they face a unique dilemma, typically at the hands of a sea creature. Each episode ends with a “creature report,” so your toddler also learns all about the animal species. With a unique setting, a fantastic score and an engaging education component, this series hits it out of the park time after time.   

Best Shows for Kiddos

6.  Wild Kratts

Ages Six and Up, Stream for Free on PBS Kids App

If you watched PBS when you were young, you might remember the Kratt brothers from one of their many shows like Kratts’ Creatures or Zoboomafoo. You’ll be happy to know that the zoologist brothers have been back with Wild Kratts since 2010. Their latest show is a blend of animation and real-life footage, and it features wildlife education central to each episode. The series is by no means dull. Each episode is highly entertaining and fast-paced. PBS also provides many follow-up resources online if your kiddo is interested in learning more about the featured animal.

7.  Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ages Seven and Up, Stream on Netflix

Easily one of the best-animated shows ever made, Avatar the Last Airbender is a series you’ll want to watch with your children. Not because you’ll need to worry your kiddo will get disturbed by something they see on the screen – no, this show is so good, you’ll want to witness it all yourself. Avatar features unique characters and settings. It also tells a compelling tale that will keep both you and your child on the edge of your seats. If you love Avatar, be sure to check out the companion series The Legend of Korra. But note it’s geared for older viewers and is best for kiddos ten and up.  

8.  She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Ages Seven and Up, Stream on Netflix

Are you feeling nostalgic yet? She-Ra is another reboot. However, it provides a powerful revamp to the original source. Watch this with your children, and you’ll find countless examples of positive female role models. There’s a great emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the show, too – multiple characters are of different races and sexualities, there’s also a neurodiverse character, one who has a disability akin to cystic fibrosis, and there are characters with varying body types. All in all, this is an affirming show, but not only that, the story itself is engaging and compelling – a definite watch. 

9.  Project MC²

Ages Eight and Up, Stream on Netflix

If you have a child that’s interested in STEM, look no further! Project MC² is a show about teenage spies who all excel in some areas of STEM. A big emphasis of the show itself is that it portrays people who do STEM, especially girls, as bright and cool, as it hopes to have a real-world impact in this regard. Another strength of the show is its racially diverse cast of “tweenage” girls. This show is a much watch for any kiddo interested in STEM.

10. Adventure Time

Ages Nine and Up, Stream on HBO Max

When Adventure Time first sprung to the screen in 2010, it was like nothing else. Though primarily geared for kids, the show captured broad appeal for adult audiences in the eight years it aired. It features odd yet hilarious humor, unforgettable characters, and a fantastic world that will inspire future television generations to come. Each episode is just 11 minutes long, yet the showrunners could tell epic story arcs and execute excellent character development you don’t often see in live-action shows. Add this show to your watch list – your kids will love Finn and Jake, and you will love the sprawling world they inhabit.

The Best Show For Your Family

You’ve read the recommendations – what seems like the best pick for your toddler or kiddo? Will you opt for Daniel Tiger or Octonauts? Or choose Avatar and She-Ra? With any of these selections, you can’t go wrong!

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