The Best Toddler Bikes

By Kara Reynolds | Oct 8, 2021

Are you planning to teach your toddler how to ride a bike? This is an exciting and important milestone for any child. As their parent, you want to provide the best toddler bike to teach your little one cycling mechanics. Read on to determine which bike is the best investment for your family.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are making a buzz these days, and for a good reason – researchers found that children who first learned to cycle while using a balance bike started to bike at a much earlier age than those who didn’t. It all comes down to the fact that balance bikes isolate teaching the mechanics of cycling without the process of pedaling. This seems to help toddlers greatly, as learning to balance alone is a large enough task to start. Once toddlers master the balance bike, then they’re ready to advance to a big kid bike and begin the process of pedaling.   

1.  Strider – 12 Classic Balance Bike

Ages Eighteen Months to Three Years

Strider offers an affordable and reliable balance bike that’s often a go-to for families with toddlers. The wheels are made of foam, so they can never puncture, even with your toddler’s rough handling. Strider uses a strong steel frame that still manages to be lightweight – just 6.7 pounds, perfect for your little one.

2.  Woom 1 – Woom Bikes USA

Ages Eighteen Months to Three Years

Woom is known for making great balance bikes for toddlers. This model offers rubber, air-filled tires that easily grip all surfaces. It also provides a brightly colored rear brake, so toddlers can begin to understand and practice the concept of braking—the most expensive option on this list but a worthwhile investment for any toddler learning to ride.

3.  Banana LT Balance Bike

Ages Two to Four Years

The Banana balance bike is the most affordable option on this list and still offers a fantastic choice for children learning the concept of biking. The frame is strong and well manufactured, and you can adjust the seat as your toddler grows. Note that the foam tires work well on pavement or carpet but can prove to spin out on hardwood or kitchen linoleum.  

Tricycles and Big Wheels

If you decide to skip the balance bike craze, opt instead for a tricycle or big wheel to teach your toddler the concept of pedaling. The mechanic of pedaling is one-half of the equation they’ll need to learn to eventually hit that exciting biking milestone.

4.  Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle

Ages Two and a Half to Four Years

Cue the nostalgia – the Radio Flyer Classic tricycle is a blast from the past. This trike is durable, and the steel frame is sturdy. Wide chrome handlebars allow for a controlled turning radius, keeping your toddler from toppling over. There’s also a fun bell your toddler can ring to warn others when they need to pass by.

5.  Costzon 4-in-1 Kids Tricycle

Ages Eighteen Months to Three Years

While it’s more of an investment than the other tricycles on this list, the Costzon model is unique because it grows with your child. At its first stage, it functions as a fun take on a stroller, and your little one can start to learn the mechanics of pedaling. You can include accessories like a push handle to help your child transition to the adjustment of learning how to pedal their tricycle. And once they’ve figured out the mechanics, it becomes a fully-fledged trike.

6.  Hauck Lightning- Pedal Go Kart

Ages Three Years and Up

When your toddler gets a handle on pedaling, they’ll love the Hauck Lightning Go Kart. This sporty big wheel proves to be fun for a wide variety of ages. The seat is ergonomic and adjustable, so your toddler will be able to use this big wheel for a while. The kart itself is steel built, sturdy and highly responsive to how your toddler maneuvers.

Training Wheels

There’s nothing wrong with bikes with training wheels. Most parents reading this article likely learned the mechanics of biking using such a method. If you’re more comfortable teaching your toddler to bike with training wheels, you do you, and parent away!

7.  RoyalBaby Kids Bike with Training Wheels

Ages Three and Up

Perfect for toddlers who understand the concept of pedaling and who’ve grown out of their tricycles. RoyalBaby makes an easy to assemble bike – most of the pieces are already together, so it requires very little to do. Your child will be riding in minutes. And the best news of all, once your toddler is feeling confident, you can remove the training wheels making it a big kid bike.

8.  NiceC BMX Kids Bike with Dual Disc Brake

Ages Three and Up

Suppose your toddler’s the rough and tumble type — you might consider purchasing a BMX bike with training wheels for some light off-roading. The bike frame is made of magnesium alloy metal, ensuring it’s lightweight enough for your little one but durable enough to withstand heavy usage. The bike model uses extra-thick tires to resist shock and absorb impact.

9.  Schwinn Elm Bike for Toddlers

Ages Three and Up

Go with a Schwinn and invest in quality for your little one. This model is perfect for toddlers because of its lightweight frame, forward-positioned pedals, smaller handlebar grips and seat. Schwinn boasts kid-specific technology that helps make their bikes easier to adjust to the size of your toddler to ease the learning of biking mechanics. The fun colors and cute handlebar basket will delight your child too.

What Bike is Best for Your Toddler?

Is the balance bike, tricycle, big wheel or training wheel bike the best pick for your little one? Whatever selection you make, you’ll be helping your toddler as they begin learning the mechanics of biking and reach one of the most exciting milestones of childhood!

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