Enneagram Type 7: A Profile

By Kara Reynolds | Mar 20, 2020

Do you jump for joy when the office holiday party invitation hits your email inbox? Does the idea of accompanying your child’s class on their field trip invigorate you? If so, you might fall into the enneagram type 7 category. These social butterflies get their kicks from seizing life by the horns and taking their friends along for the ride. Eternally optimistic, you can count on this personality type to see the positive in every situation. However, sometimes you might need to tone down the Pollyanna appeal when dealing with less upbeat sorts. Nevertheless, you don’t let any Negative Nancy drag you down, and most folks can’t get enough of your winning smile.

Enneagram Type 7: The Optimist

If you fall into enneagram type 7, you live by the motto, “the best is yet to come.” You’re always seeking the next best thing, and believe your dreams lie just around the next corner. You look to the future, and you envision creative, if sometimes unrealistic, plans to fix all that’s wrong with the human condition. People who fall into this category generally have extroverted natures, and they thrive on being with others. Unlike type six individuals, however, they don’t reserve their love of humankind to those whom they deem deserve their cautious trust. You want to share your optimism with everyone, so you keep your arms wide open— sometimes to others’ dismay. This personality is the hugging sort, and more reserved individuals might find their displays of affection off-putting. If you are an optimist, you live for pleasure — both your own and others. Although you exude confidence on the surface, underneath, you have a deep and abiding fear of negativity. You don’t like dwelling on challenging emotions, and you will often seek to break a tense situation by telling a joke. You hunt down distractions in the outside environment when you become overwhelmed with powerful feelings. Even though you plan for a brighter future, you take full joy in the present moment. You gravitate toward practices like mindfulness because they help you experience pleasure in the here and now. That hardly means you spend your time in quiet contemplation, though. You believe that life is an adventure, and you intend to live it to the fullest. Like an Aerosmith tune, you don’t want to miss a thing.

The Optimist’s Strengths

If you fall into the enneagram type 7 category, one of your most considerable strengths lies in seeing the possibilities, not the roadblocks. If presented with a tricky problem, thinking outside of the proverbial box comes as naturally as breathing. This quality makes you an innovator, and you may also have an inventive spirit. Your challenge is seeing your ideas through to completion, as you’re more interested in getting to what’s next, versus wrestling with the implementation of your plans. You might describe yourself as the kind of person who laughs at a funeral — and when it comes to easing tensions, you approach zen master status. However, you’re more likely to prescribe laughter instead of a retreat in Tibet. You’re rarely at a loss for a wisecrack, but your wit doesn’t cut others. If anything, you’re likely to use self-deprecating humor to get a smile.

The Optimist’s Weaknesses

Sometimes, the situation calls for stateliness and decorum — these moments prove challenging for you at times. Because your mind continually races ahead to what’s next, you might grow exasperated with long, drawn-out ceremonies. If you espouse a religious practice, you’re the type to hit the no-frills in and out service, not a full-blown high mass. In relationships and the workforce, you can appear fickle, even flighty. You grow bored at the seeming drop of a hat, and you can let the fear of missing out (FOMO) drive you to discontent. You might feel tempted by someone who isn’t your partner, but who seems to offer much more. Likewise, you can tend to job-hop. Even if you earn a competitive salary and benefits, you’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your station.

Relating to Type 7 in the Workplace

If you manage an enneagram type 7, you probably adore the way they lighten up the office every time they arrive. However, you may need to gently correct them about their frequent visits to the water cooler for chitchat. Take advantage of their gregarious, good-hearted nature by putting them in a client-facing role. Let them run the workplace social calendar and handle the arrangements for the annual mixer. You want to keep them engaged so that they don’t start dusting off their resume. If you fall into this personality category, you probably feel drawn to the following careers:

  • Client care: Because of your outgoing nature, you’re perfect for de-escalating irritable customers and getting them to smile. Rather than back down from a challenge, you embrace it — no entitled prince or princess can crack your chipper outlook.
  • Sales: You know that old cliché about the ability to peddle refrigerators to Eskimos? You have that secret sauce. You’re a natural at overcoming objections because you know how to put a positive spin on your offerings to hook prospective customers.
  • Community organizer: You want to make the future brighter for everyone, so you spend significant time with community efforts toward improvement. You might volunteer in political campaigns or spearhead the cleanup of a natural resource, for example. You’re such a natural leader that people may pressure you to run for office yourself.

Relating to Type 7 at Home and in Love

If you’re in love with an enneagram type 7, you probably seldom experience a dull moment. This sort likes to keep the good times rolling — they have the car halfway packed before you can finish uttering the words “spontaneous road trip.” You probably also noticed that this personality type hates feeling tied down. If you’re a homebody, you might experience significant conflict unless you’re content to let them go on adventures with more extroverted friends. This individual can be loyal —  but their tendency to fantasize about other possible futures could cause their eyes to stray. Even if they’re physically faithful, they can form emotional bonds outside of marriage. If you identify as this type, think carefully before scheduling that lunch date with a fascinating co-worker. Remember that with every gain comes a loss, and every potential partner has their negative side. The grass isn’t always greener.

Enneagram Type 7 — Have Fun but Learn When to Be Serious

If you’re an enneagram type 7, keep on lighting up the party with your engaging energy and quick smile. Do remember, though, that there’s a time for everything — even solemnity.

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