7 Tips for Making Your Home Peaceful and Tranquil

By Kara Reynolds | May 19, 2021

Sometimes, it can be easy for life to feel a bit crazy, even when you have so much already figured out. If you’re looking for a few ways to make your home a peaceful and tranquil environment, there are so many tips that you can employ in your household. While each home and family is different, there are so many ways that you can find the best options for you and your home. Calming and relaxation are some of the best parts of spending time at home, and it makes sense that you’d want to maximize your relaxation for both yourself and your family.

While there are so many different ways to explore tranquility in your home, each option is unique. You can explore a variety of techniques, or you can go one by one to find which methods are the best for you. Whether you feel like you need a bit of extra calm in your life, your family or simply in general, there are so many options for bringing that into your home. Some of these tips may require a bit of work, but some are small touches that only take a few minutes. No matter what direction you choose, your home can reach a state of peace and tranquility that can permeate both your life and your family’s.

1. Aromatherapy

Being in a calming environment is about so much more than what you see — it’s also about what you can feel and smell. That’s why aromatherapy can be so relaxing in your home. If you want to bring some calming scents into your home, you can try out some scented candles, incense or essential oils. Some scents you might want to keep an eye out for are jasmine, lavender, bergamot, rose and patchouli. 

2. Prioritize Comfort

This is your home after all, and you deserve to feel fully comfortable and happy in your home. That being said, comfort for you and your whole family should probably top the list of priorities. Whether you want a comfortable reading nook or a place for family movie night, nothing is more relaxing than pillows, blankets and comfortable seating. Whether you add a few small touches or you overhaul the living space for maximum comfort, you can make your relaxation that way.

3. Be Intentional With Screens

While curling up with a movie may feel like the most relaxing thing you can do some days, screens can also go too far sometimes. Specifically, it can be important to be as intentional as possible with where the screens go in your home. Putting a tv in the bedroom, for example, can cause more harm than good, as the habit of watching television all the time and having that glowing light consistently on can contribute to headaches and other adverse health effects, especially in kids. If you have screens in your house, it can be best to keep them out of the bedrooms.

4. Let the Light In

Another great tip to make your home more calming is to open the blinds and shades to rely more on natural light than artificial light. Not only does this help relax and calm you with a more neutral light source, it can also be great for the environment and lower your electricity bills.

5. …And the Fresh Air

Not just opening the shades, but opening the windows completely can bring so much calm and tranquility into your home. Especially if the weather outside is nice, you don’t need to go outside and hike it out to get some lovely fresh air. Bringing a bit of that into your home can leave you with a sense of peace and calm that lasts all day long. Plus, it can reduce the need to temperature control your space.

6. Declutter

Here comes a tip that might just require a bit more work if you’re up for it. Clutter can be the ultimate culprit of visual and experiential messiness and stress. That being said, the best way to clear it up is to keep your space clean. Of course, with kids and responsibilities, it’s much easier said than done, but decluttering every once in a while can make so much mental space for peace and calm. Even if it feels like a lot, you’ll likely thank yourself later.

7. Feng Shui

Similar to the mass declutter, practicing feng shui in your home can bring a sense of visual peace and calm into your home. While it might take a bit of learning and rearranging, feng shui is really all about the flow of energy throughout a home. And practicing it can bring you more space, more peace and a sense of energetic tranquility.

Bringing Peace and Tranquility Home

Finding peace in your home is a different journey for everyone. For some, it can be as simple as opening up the windows, while for others, it can be a journey of decluttering and feng shui practice. No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum, you can find a way to bring the peace and tranquility you want for your family into your home.

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