7 Snowy Day Activities for You and Your Toddler

By Kara Reynolds | Dec 12, 2016

As a kid, snow days are magical and full of wonder. Do you remember jumping up and down on your bed with your pajamas inside out hoping that this magical combination would cancel school?! (No? Just me…) As a parent, though, they are filled with school cancellations, last-minute sitters or unexpected time off work, snow shoveling and “how will I keep the kids entertained” thoughts. Not quite so magical, right? But with very minimal planning ahead, you can bring the magic back to snow days again with these fun snowy day activities for you and your toddler.

Make it a Play Date

Unless you are totally snowed in and can’t leave the house, a play date is a great option to fill the day. You can even have a neighborhood meeting with the parents when the winter season kicks off and discuss how you can all work together to entertain the kids without going insane. If your neighborhood isn’t a good option for you and you aren’t totally snowed in, don’t forget the other kids in daycare or in class with yours. Reach out to the parents and see what you can arrange.

Get Crafty

Never underestimate the power of a simple craft that includes scissors, markers or glue to entertain your kids! Seriously, you will be the coolest mom in their eyes and find a way to actually make them sit still for half an hour or more which is a total win for you. There are many options for simple crafts. Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated and full of materials to be exciting. Break out the old magazines and make a pretty mosaic art work, have them hand write a holiday card to a family member, or get out the play dough and sit around the table with your kids and immerse yourself in their play dough world. Don’t have any? Make some play dough of your own with an easy-to-follow recipe.

Go Wild Inside

Just because you aren’t outside doesn’t mean the adventures have to stop. Make it a fun indoor camping day. Bring out the sleeping bags, turn off all the lights and tell “campfire” stories in front of the fireplace with flashlights. Think outside of the box! Let your kids build blanket forts or play dress up. Anything that departs from your normally structured day will be different and therefore entertaining.

Head Outside

If you have a snow day that doesn’t come with extreme unsafe temperatures, bundle everyone up and go outside. You can go the traditional route and build snowmen together, have a snowball fight, go sledding or just explore the winter wonderland in your back yard. Then there are the super exciting and super simple activities that go beyond your normal snowman, such as painting on the snow. Grab some paints and brushes and let your kids go crazy. This keeps the mess outside, and it really is neat to see how the snow absorbs the paint.

Get Your Holiday Baking On

Spending some time in the kitchen with your kids is always a good idea to help them learn and get comfortable. It can get a little crazy, so it’s probably not something you do on the regular, which makes it a perfect snow day activity. You can pull this off with little preparation and little time, and it’s something that will really entertain your kids. Find some easy baking recipes to make your kids’ favorite cookies and work on them together. Let your kids help mix the batter, shape the cookies and decorate them once they are cool. It’s okay if they don’t turn out perfectly, because they are just for you and the kids to enjoy.

Whip up Simple Snacks to Enjoy in Front of Cartoons

If the idea of baking doesn’t exactly excite you, find some easy no-bake recipes that you and your kids can enjoy. Let your kids handle the stirring and anything little hands can do. Take pictures of your work and then eat them in front of the TV with some fun cartoons. The Magic Schoolbus is streaming on Netflix – FYI.

Turn Snow Into Something Edible

Gather some fresh, clean snow with your kids and take it into the kitchen to create new edible creations. There are different options for turning snow into food, but a popular one is making your own snow cones. This is super simple and creates a fun, tasty treat. Another popular snow recipe is making your own ice cream using snow. The recipe for snow ice cream is really simple and creates a very tasty result that will have your kids amazed. One that will really blow your kids’ minds and yours as well is making candy from snow. This maple syrup taffy recipe is super easy and very different from any other snow recipe. These are just a few of the ways you can turn your unexpected snow day around into some fun and quality bonding time with your kids. Think outside of the box and get creative. You never know what the results may be.


  1. Maggie Barla on December 14, 2016 at 5:20 am

    Definitely using some (or all) of these tips on our next snow day! Loved this article. http://www.betterlifedesign.com/

    • Kara on December 14, 2016 at 5:32 pm

      YES! So glad you enjoyed it, Maggie!! I know my daughter is going to go bananas for the maple syrup taffy…which I respect…because yum.

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