You Put What on What? The Most Amazing Breast Milk Benefits

By Kara Reynolds | Sep 17, 2018

Nips do weird things, and women put weird things on nips. So, it stands to reason what comes out of those nips gets put on everything under the sun — meaning, breast milk’s got benefits. Ready to learn about the superpowers of breast milk? You already know of its immunity-boosting and nutritional benefits for your baby, but boob juice also holds practical use secrets to uncover. Here’s a list of 10 unexpected and popular everyday uses for breast milk.

Breast Milk Lollies for Tiny Teething Tyrants

People make cheese from boob juice and other gastronomic delights, but breast milk lollipops prove the least likely to make a bystander gag. When your tiny human turns into a tiny teething tyrant, what’s a mom to do? Use the power of the boob. The same boob with the power to make your baby healthy and feeling safe can release its heavenly juices into baby ice pop molds to relax the ouchies. Alternatively, grab an ice cube tray, squirt in the breast milk and garnish with a pacifier. C’est magnifique! And they keep in the freezer for six months.

Just a Squeeze to Clear up Goopy-Eye

Newborns struggle with blocked tear ducts. While the condition usually takes care of itself, it sometimes evolves into awkward eye discharge and infection. Doctors typically suggest parents massage their newborn’s tear ducts to unclog nasal passages and well up tears to do the healing job, along with keeping the area clean. Goopy-eye or infection gets a little help with the power of the boob juice. Squeeze a little right in, or use an eye dropper as needed each day until it clears.

Boob Juice Nasal Spray

Most parents use a solution of moisturizing saline inside a rubber bulb syringe or nasal aspirator to clear up congestion and mucus in their newborns. However, breast milk makes a perfect substitution for its anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties. Babies know the taste of breast milk and won’t freak out if they accidentally swallow some. Hand-pump a little breast milk into a cup, gather it up with the syringe — then, shoot.

Introduce Solids With Breast Milk

It’s weird and clever enough to work — introduce cereals and purees to infants, aged four to six months, by mixing in a little breast milk, not water. Since your baby likes the taste, they will take more quickly to solids.

Clear up Diaper Dermatitis

One study reports breast milk works as well as hydrocortisone on diaper dermatitis — diaper rash. Try it out by patting a little into the skin and letting it dry. Add a barrier cream and a new diaper.

Soothe Sore Nips

During the first few weeks, sore, raw and chapped nipples frequently plague breastfeeding moms. Prescription creams and ointments help, but a more convenient and as effective remedy exists right inside the sorely tipped boob itself. Feel no shame when you leave extra breast milk on your boobs. Let it dry in the sore areas, and allow the antibiotic properties to get to work and heal your aching nips.

Relieve Atopic Eczema

Put that magic breast milk pump to work on infant atopic eczema to heal your baby’s cracked, swollen, red and itchy skin. According to researchers, breast milk stands in as well as hydrocortisone for cases of mild and moderate atopic dermatitis.

Take the Sting and Scum out of Insect Bites

Parents frequently use breast milk to treat bug bites due to its antibacterial and soothing properties. Remove stored breast milk from the fridge, and add a little breast milk to water until it becomes cloudy. You can also use a breast milk ice cube directly on the bite, but add a clean barrier layer to avoid cold irritation on your baby’s skin.

Aloe, Who? Breast Milk for Sunburn

Aloe vera gel serves as one of the most popular herbal remedies, but you can also use other natural soothers for the skin to relieve sunburn. Oatmeal, black tea, honey and milk all remain other popular choices, but many don’t consider using breast milk until they become parents.

Soothing Other Skin Irritations

Breast milk helps soothe many skin irritations, but exercise caution when applying it to the face, so you don’t clog the pores of babies struggling with acne. If you gave coconut or olive oil a go, add a little breast milk for good measure.

A Safety Note

Studies reveal many natural and beneficial uses for breast milk outside of feeding your child. Consider having your milk screened to make sure it’s free of dangerous bacteria that could cause a viral or fungal infection if exposed to ears, eyes or a skin opening. Please talk with your doctor and use common sense — though, in general, breast milk is natural and safe, and families have used it for ages in home remedies. Breastfeeding offers many benefits for your child’s development and growth, but other superpowers await exploring. Put all that extra breast milk to good use. You and your little one will jump magic jump in joy at the power of the boob!

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