These Are the Best Health Tracking Apps You Should Be Using

By Kara Reynolds | May 19, 2020

These days, technology and fitness often overlap. We can use our smartwatches to track our heart rate, all while our cellphones count our total steps. Awesome, right? While these advances can be helpful, they’re also a little overwhelming — especially when there are so many to try.Here are the best health tracking apps on the market so you can narrow down your options:

1. Headspace

Your mental wellness matters as much as your physical health. Headspace offers various guided meditations, plus articles on ways to improve your sleep and anxiety. You can also read about mindful cooking and eating as a solution for healthy weight loss. This app uses the science behind meditation to create its content, so users should expect accurate results. You can keep tabs on your progress through your account.As a consistent practice, mindfulness works to lower blood pressure, stress and anxiety and more.

2. Nike Run Club

If you’re an avid runner, here’s a pick for you. Nike’s popular app helps you track each run. Whether you prefer a treadmill or sidewalk, the app records your statistics so you can maintain a record. With this information, you can improve your runs and find new routes. You can even access custom playlists through Apple Music, so you never have to run without your favorite tunes.Additionally, you can link up with other runners who have the app. If you plan a run with friends, you can share a route. This feature can make this activity a lot more fun — and allows for more accountability amongst everyone.

3. SleepCycle

Do you struggle to sleep through the night? If so, SleepCycle can help you achieve more restful sleep. After you open the app, you select a morning alarm and set the phone by your pillow. When you wake up, you can access a chart that details information about your sleep. The more you use SleepCycle, the more effective the results. You can also listen to white noise as you fall asleep.If you pair SleepCycle with a consistent nighttime routine, you’ll earn even more benefits. For instance, try some bedtime yoga before you hit the mattress. You’ll fall asleep more soundly, which helps SleepCycle wake you at the best time.

4. MyFitnessPal

If you’re on the hunt for an excellent nutrition app, MyFitnessPal should be at the top of your list. For years, this app has helped people track calories, search recipes and more. Whether you want to lose a little weight or change a few habits, MyFitnessPal allows you to take control of your diet. You can access thousands of foods through its search tool and barcode system.MyFitnessPal serves as a way to build a better relationship with food. When you learn more about what you eat, you can make better choices.

5. 8Fit

You don’t need to hire a personal trainer to give you individualized workouts. Instead, you can use 8Fit. It’s an app that builds exercises based on experience level and offers customized meal plans and ideas for improved health. You could learn how to portion food for a vegan diet or try a new high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine that actually provides results. Either way, 8Fit has a ton of options.It also provides resources on how to stay responsible and confident throughout your fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, it’s not always easy to navigate health and wellness, so that added support matters.

6. Charity Miles

If you need a motivator, Charity Miles works as one of the best health tracking apps. Whether you prefer to run, bike or walk, this app allows you to do so for charity. You can raise money for a specific cause every time you exercise. The more miles you move, the more cash you earn. You can keep track of every session, which allows you to achieve your fitness goals more quickly.You can also encourage your workplace to become involved. Once you create a team on the app, everyone’s progress can work toward the same goal.

7. Waterlogged

Without water, our bodies and minds couldn’t function properly. We’re all aware we need to drink around eight glasses a day, but it’s not so simple. If you struggle to remember how much water you’ve consumed, Waterlogged can help. This app lets users track their daily water intake. You can take photos of your water bottle or choose to enter the numbers yourself.It also provides reminders, which help when you forget to grab water instead of soda.

Stay on Top of Your Fitness Journey

If you need to work on your health, try these solutions. As some of the best health tracking apps out there, these picks allow you to build a well-rounded lifestyle on your own time.

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