The Best Parenting Podcasts You Need to Be Listening To

By Kara Reynolds | May 21, 2018

Parenting comes naturally to some people. For the rest of us, it’s a work in progress. Sometimes, you just don’t know how to handle a behavioral issue, or you aren’t sure when to let them have certain kinds of food and drink. You can look back at situations where you made one decision but wish you had made another. It’s fine to talk with your friends or parents, but sometimes it’s embarrassing. You don’t want your circle of friends or loved ones to think you’re a bad parent. Plus, some parents are far too eager, even pushy with their advice. Technology has made it possible for us to look no further than our smartphones for many sources of parenting advice. Podcasting allows celebrities, experts and comedians to give us their thoughts and opinions on any subject imaginable. You can listen on your own time, and swipe them away if you don’t like what you’re hearing. Check out these parenting podcasts to find the advice you’re looking for.


To help you set limits with your child, consult Janet Lansbury’s show on respectful parenting. She will give you advice on how to remain calm with your child while they’re losing their cool. She will teach you to not only accept your child’s emotions but also stay in control and draw the line. On this podcast, you will find practical and realistic advice on many parenting issues and situations.

Little Sprigs

Christina Perez hosts the show and brings in childhood experts to discuss how to handle various parenting issues. Learn to parent without bribing, punishing or threatening. This show appeals to the New Age spiritual crowd but has excellent advice for everyone.


Susan Cain wrote a bestselling book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” In her show with the abbreviated name, she covers many of the topics in her book and focuses on the challenges of parenting introverted children. Sometimes, introverts have extroverts for children and vice versa. Her show will help you deal with the challenges of introverted children and how to get them to participate in sports and school activities.

The Boob Group

If you’re looking for a podcast about breastfeeding, download The Boob Group. Lactation consultants discuss some of the physical and mental challenges that come with breastfeeding, as well as the social stigma women often have to deal with. Get information on storing your breast milk, bringing it to your child’s daycare, pumping machines and the like. The Boob Group is an informative, interactive, non-judgmental support show.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Thoughts about parenting can become controversial and heated at times. If you are looking for a spirited debate about vaccines, “bad” parenting, issues with teachers and schools and more, tune in to this pull-no-punches podcast. Don’t worry — there’s plenty of comic relief.

One Bad Mother

Listen to mothers vent their frustrations without holding back any of the curse words you often reach for. Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn put on a mentally healthy, adults-only gripe fest. Parenting isn’t easy, and these hosts share many of the details. The mood is laid back and earthy, but the topics are relevant and helpful to any parent who wants to let loose and hear them tell it like it is.

The Modern Dads Podcast

Matt Schneider helped organize City Dads Group, a local meeting group for dads that spread to 20-some cities across The United States. In his podcast, he interviews authors and experts, discussing parenting issues with a particular focus on dads and their problems. This podcast offers a good place for dads to go if they feel their concerns might be overlooked in other podcasts.

Totally Mommy

Comics and mothers Elizabeth Laime and Vanessa Ragland host a frank and chatty talk show about the realistic and honest ups and downs of parenting. The show is full of energy as each comic plays of the other while discussing controversial parenting topics. They cover overinvolved and uninvolved grandparents, helicopter parents and the lack of privacy parents have while raising children. The language can be rated R at times, so take that into consideration before listening.

The One in a Million Baby

Parents of disabled children can find strength and support listening to The One in a Million Baby. Host Tessa Prebble felt depressed and alone during her care of her disabled daughter, who died when she was ten months old. Tessa conducts in-depth and emotional interviews with parents of children who are disabled or suffering life-threatening or terminal illnesses. No subject is off limits. The show can be dark at times, but it can also give hope and support to parents facing the same realities.

The Longest Shortest Time

Hillary Frank shares offbeat colorful stories of motherhood and interviews some well-known celebrities. This is a good podcast for those with older children, as the subject matter has branched out to cover teenagers, adult children living in the house and people questioning whether they should be parents. She covers motherhood stories of farmers, active duty military personnel and other non-traditional mothers. She has also made local live appearances and conducted special events such as onsite Speed Dating for Mom Friends. No subject is off limits in this witty and accessible podcast. There are many podcasts to choose from, but this is a collection of some of the ones you really need to listen to. Whether you’re a new parent or several children along, these parenting podcasts will have something for you. The shows will get you thinking about and challenging your notions of parenting, and you will feel connected to others going through the same struggles. With the limited free time we have as parents, we have only a small window we can devote to listening to podcasts. These ones are worthy of your time and attention. Enjoy, and good luck!

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