The Best Motherhood Tattoo Ideas

By Kara Reynolds | Jul 28, 2021

Whether you’re a brand new mom or you’ve had a few kids by now, and whether you’re a blank canvas or you’re already covered in ink, getting a tattoo to commemorate your journey into motherhood is one of the best ways to make sure your heart really is right on your sleeve forever! There are so many ways to commemorate your motherhood experience in ink, and the best option for you is all about your personal style and what kinds of emotions you want to express visually. Even when it comes to styles of tattooing, there are so many options available — from traditional to minimalist.

If you have an idea in mind, that’s wonderful, however, if you’re still mulling things over, there’s no better time to look for inspiration. You can find so many different ways to honor your motherhood experience, whether it began years ago or just a few months ago, becoming a mom is a special thing worth celebrating. As long as you avoid getting tattooed while pregnant, you should be fine to go forth and get inked. 

1. Your Child’s Name

This one is a classic, and for a reason. You really can’t go wrong with some ink of your child’s name on your skin. Plenty of celebs have gone this route, from Macklemore to Chrissy Teigan — and you can go with a variety of fonts, too.

2. Or Just Initials 

If you’d rather go a bit more minimal, why not go with simple initials on your skin? It’s a bit more of a subtle choice than a full name, perfect for a mom on the hunt for a dainty first tattoo.

3. A Family Tradition or Heirloom

If you have a special family tradition, heirloom or symbol that gets passed down through generations, that could be a special and personal tattoo choice. It could be a piece of jewelry, a saying or even a middle name that gets passed down through the generations.

4. Their Birthday

Much like the names and initials, their birthday is a great way to signify the birth of your child. Quite literally, it’s the day you became a mother, so what could be more fitting? This is also a detail that won’t change, even if your child goes by a different name or nickname one day.

5. Their Zodiac Sign

If you’re interested in the stars and what they mean for your child’s personality and future, getting their zodiac sign tattooed on you can be a great way to express that. You can even get both of your zodiac signs tattooed on you, or all of your children’s zodiac signs tattooed on you.

6. A “Family” Tree

If you’re into the natural elements and imagery of motherhood, growth and giving life, a family tree or tree of life could be a great way to express that journey through imagery. It isn’t quite as on-the-nose as a name or birthday, and it’s about the larger meaning of your situation together.

7. Or a Garden of Flowers!

If you like the idea of natural imagery but would rather go a bit more floral, why not ink your baby’s birth flower on your skin? Plenty of months have more than one flower, so you can feel free to choose between any number of blooms that strike your fancy. If you have more than one child, this can be a great way to include all of them in one tattoo — with a medley or bouquet. 

8. A Heartbeat

Whether you had an amazing hospital birth experience, your baby was a preemie or you simply want to symbolize your two hearts beating together, a heartbeat tattoo can be a great idea for your motherhood tattoo. 

9. An Inside Joke

If your kids are a little older or they’re just beginning to talk, it could be a great idea to get something cheeky and meaningful in your family. That way, your tattoo will be perfectly personal to you and unique on your skin.

10. Something to Match

This one is more geared at parents with adult children — if that’s you, why not go for a matching tattoo with your kiddo? Not only does this give you both the opportunity to honor one another with your tattoos, but you can also explore a bit more unique ideas. While you can go for some of the classic motherhood tattoo ideas, you can also pick out a simple design or something you both like aesthetically — that way, when you see it, you’ll think of each other. 

Motherhood Tattoo Ideas

There are so many different ways to show your joy in motherhood, and one of them is through your ink. Tattoos are a form of self-expression, after all. So why not ink your motherhood onto your skin?

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