The Best Beach Toys for Kids

By Willow Breckenridge | Jun 20, 2022

Summer’s here, and it’s time to hit the beach! Make sure your children have the best gear so they can play in style. Here are ten of the best beach toys for kids on the market. 

1. Click N’ Play Beach & Sand Toy Set

Ages One and Up

This beach toy set comes in a cute mesh carrying bag and features 18 pieces, including sifters, shovels, various molds and a bucket. All toys are bright and ocean-themed. Your little ones will have hours of fun playing in the sand with these toys.

2. Sandcastle Buckets

Ages Two and Up

If you have future architects on your hands, look no further than these excellent sandcastle molds. All your child will need to do is fill their bucket with wet sand and dump it in the perfect place. The set includes four molds and is made of hard plastic. All of the molds stack easily on top of each other for quick storage.

Ages Three and Up

Encourage your child to get their imaginative play on by purchasing this adorable Melissa & Doug Seaside Cookie Set. Your kid can use sea-animal-shaped cookie cutters to bake up sweet treats in the sun. The set also includes baking essentials like a cookie sheet, rolling pin and spatula.   

4. Activ Life Flying Rings

Ages Three and Up

If your kids love to run, get them moving on the beach with these Activ Life Flying Rings. They’re much easier to throw and catch than traditional frisbees, and they’re designed to float in the water. Each set comes with two rings in different color combinations.

5. Singare Octopus Kites

Ages Three and Up

Consider teaching your child how to fly a kite–there’s no more beautiful location than on a beach! In the air, these adorable kites look like swimming octopuses. They also come pre-assembled. All you need to do is unwrap them and start flying.  

6. Matty’s Toy Shop Wooden Spade

For Ages Four and Up

For more sand adventures, consider purchasing this wooden spade set, including three shovels. Each spade is made of sturdy plastic and a wooden shaft. Your kids will be ready to dig for buried treasure in style. 

7. Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set

Ages Five and Up

Ogodisk is a fun game for the entire family. It works by holding onto a disk and bouncing an OgoSoft ball on the surface, which acts as a mini-trampoline. You can get creative with the Ogodisks, using them as frisbees too. 

8. Coop Hydro Football

Ages Five and Up

The Coop Hydro Football is entirely waterproof guaranteed to provide hours of fun in and out of the water. The ball is inflatable. However, the ball retains its air well, so you don’t need to pump it regularly. Your kids will love throwing and catching this ball on the beach.

9. Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set

Ages Six and Up

If you’re looking for some water fun, try these foam water guns. They’re easy to use, super lightweight, and the blasters shoot water up to 30 feet. The Max Liquidator water guns also float in water, so if your kid drops one in the ocean, you can recover it before it’s lost.  

10. Spikeball

Ages Eight and Up

Spikeball is like a mix of volleyball and foursquare. If your kids love playing games, give this one a try! In this set, you’ll find a rule book, net and three balls. You can fold the net legs for easy storage in the carrying bag. Ideally, you’ll need two teams to play Spikeball. Consider pairing parents against kids. 

The Best Summer Beach Toys

When your family goes to the beach, you’ll need to bring the best toys for your kids. Which will you take on your vacation?

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