Make Life Easier with These 7 Working Mom Tips

By Kara Reynolds | Jan 3, 2022

As a mother, you have a job to fulfill. You are responsible for taking care of your kids, among other necessary adult tasks. Carrying out that role as a mom while holding down a job isn’t easy, to be honest, but it can be gratifying once you figure out a balance between work and home life. 

Being a working parent takes some time and skills to ensure you’re performing as best you can at both jobs. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be successful at work without compromising your family time. Make life easier with these seven working mom tips. 

1. Delegate Chores to Your Kids and Spouse

Whoever came up with the social norm that the mom has to do all household chores didn’t consider working mothers. A family has a shared responsibility to keep the house tidy. There are plenty of ways to get your kids and spouse involved in basic household chores. 

At mealtimes, your children can help set the table. They can even make their own beds, clean up their toys and choose an outfit for the next day. If you have young children or babies, your spouse can help you complete various chores around the house. Let them know you appreciate their help, too.

2. Make a Routine and Establish a Schedule

Routines save time, and they make mornings and night times easier. Create a routine for the morning and night with your kids. After some time, they’ll be able to accomplish tasks independently, like brushing their teeth, putting on pajamas, eating breakfast and gathering school items.

Additionally, you can establish a schedule. Use a calendar or a similar system to let your family know when you’ll be home and at work. You can also write out a schedule for your children, including times for play, homework, and after-school activities.

3. Plan Your Meals

More and more working moms are meal planning. Gone are the days of wondering what’s for dinner as soon as you get home from work and relying on take-out pizza too many times per week. You can plan your meals, too.

Prep as much of your breakfasts, lunches and dinners as you can. Carve out some time during the weekend to get all of your groceries and make some of those meals ahead of time. You can even make them the night before so you have smooth mornings with extra time. This hack can also save you money!

4. Let Go of Perfection

Moms are expected to be the perfect parents. However, they’re still human and make mistakes. Focus on doing the best you can at both work and home, and let go of perfection because it doesn’t exist, and you can’t achieve it.

Find more practical use of your time. Don’t spend all of your time at home cleaning or being the perfect mom. Just be present and work on small, attainable goals.

5. Set Boundaries

As a working mom, you need to set some boundaries, especially if you work from home. This will allow you to better dedicate your time to both your home and work. Speak with your family about your needs, how they can take responsibility and when you need to be at work versus home.

You should also set boundaries for yourself. For example, when you’re done with work for the day, make a point not to use work-related technology or check your email one more time before bed. Additionally, learn to say no to things both at work and home. Separate your work and home life. 

6. Participate in Meaningful Family Activities

Work is a priority for you. Whether you’re a single parent or have a spouse or partner, you need to make money for your family to care for them and yourself. Although work is extremely important, remember that you’re a mother, too, and your kids need time with you.

Make sure you schedule meaningful family time, especially if you spend most of your time at work. Strive for things like having family dinners, watching movies with your kids or even planning a family outing for a weekend. Make time for your children’s activities, too. 

7. Practice Self-Care

Finally, take time for yourself every once in a while. You work hard as a mother and as an employee. Working mothers often put themselves last on the list of priorities, but by doing some things you love or taking a spa day, you can recharge your batteries.

Go to the gym. Spend time with your friends. Work on your hobbies. Join a club. Do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself. You deserve to treat yourself for all of the hard work you’re doing to support your family.

Life as a Working Mom

With these tips, your life as a working mom just got easier. You have the power to create balance in your work and home life. Enjoy every moment along the way.

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