How to Make Friends as a Working Mom: 8 Tips

By Kara Reynolds | Apr 5, 2021

When you’re a working mom, you need a support system that understands the struggle. However, with your hectic schedule, you might find it challenging to meet new people. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far beyond your daily routine to find your tribe. Here are eight tips for how to make friends as a working mom. 

1. Say Hi at Daycare 

If you swoop into daycare like Superwoman, gather your little bundle in a single bound and return to your SUV without taking a breath, you missed a golden opportunity to make new friends. After all, every other parent there shares the same purpose. 

Try to arrive a few minutes early next time and strike up a conversation with another parent who’s also waiting for their child to finish putting away their craft supplies. Ask if they’d like to grab tea sometime. 

2. Work Your Office Group 

If your office has a support group for working parents, join it. You’ll feel more engaged with your workplace and much less alone. 

Check your employee handbook. If you don’t see anything regarding such a group, check with your human resources department. 

3. Or Start One, If One Doesn’t Exist 

What if your workplace doesn’t have a parent support group? Everything ever done once started with an idea and effort from one person — why can’t you be the one? 

Start by creating your vision for what you want your group to do — are you looking to reduce stress? Build camaraderie? Then, promote the group to others. It helps if you get management on board to help spread the word, not only provide project approval. 

4. Go to the Playground 

If you want to meet other mom friends, go where they congregate. The obvious place — your local playground. 

Wear your gym clothes — they’re comfortable anyway — and approach other parents about squeezing in a workout while your little ones play. Offer a helping hand if you see another mom juggling multiple bags and toddlers while using the opening to start a conversation.

5. Talk to Your Neighbors 

When you pull into your garage, do you shut the door right away? Why not leave it open? If nothing else, you’ll have an incentive to organize your parking space, but you could also discover the new neighbor across the street has kids your age. 

Take after-dinner walks with your family and stop at the lemonade stands of others. Offer to help make a community business model the next time — you and your children both get new friends. 

6. Look to Your Faith Group

If you are a member of a church, look there to find working-mom friends. You won’t have to worry about the parents’ religious values when your children play together as you know you share a somewhat similar moral code. 

Often, churches organize family-oriented meetings and events, although these have slowed somewhat due to COVID-19. As vaccines help us to reach herd immunity, take advantage of attending these gatherings. 

7. Work Your Professional Network 

If you are an alumnus, chances are, your alma mater has a support group for working parents. Reach out to your campus to connect with this resource. 

Keep your ears open when attending professional networking events. While you’re there to talk about your career goals, invariably, conversations stray into other topics. If you strike it off well with another working parent, exchange business cards. Call them up the following week and ask them for tea or coffee. 

8. Get Online 

Finally, modern technology offers new ways to connect with other people. Apps like Meetup, Facebook and Nextdoor have scores of groups devoted to working moms — look to these to meet new friends near you. 

Please remember to follow common-sense safety rules when meeting people online. Always choose a public place for your first get-together and use a free Google Voice number instead of your real one to protect your privacy. 

Make Friends as a Working Mom With These 8 Tips 

If you’re a busy parent, you need a tribe who gets your struggle and vibe. Learn how to make new friends as a working mom with the eight tips above. 

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