Father’s Day Gifts Your Father Will Really Want

By Kara Reynolds | Jun 3, 2016

Father’s Day is coming up, and whether you’re looking to give your own dad something great or need to help your children put together something special for their daddy, it’s time to get creative. No lame neckties or a new wallet on your watch! This year, give the father in your life something he’ll actually be glad to use so he won’t have to put on a fake smile about another coffee mug. Ready to get started? Try these ideas on for size.

Infuse Your Own Booze

This is really a thing, and it can be a fun science project — for adults. To give it a try, all you need is a bottle of not-very-expensive vodka, a wide-mouth Mason jar and some fruits, veggies or herbs that you like. Rough chop your ingredients and add them to the jar, then fill it with vodka and put the lid on. Keep it in the fridge and give it a shake at least once a day for a week. Strain the vodka back into its bottle and enjoy in a cocktail. The best bet for first timers: Cucumber vodka will make a refreshing vodka tonic all summer long. And if your husband is anything like mine, that is, shall we say, Ron Swanson-eque, perhaps a Bacon-Infused Bourbon would tickle his fancy a bit more.

Join the Club

If you’re not much of a cook or home-front mixologist, an even easier gift — that’s still guaranteed to be a hit! — is to get Dad a Beer of the Month Club subscription. Over 12 months he’ll get 12 bottles of beer from different microbreweries. If you’re married to a hipster, consider splurging for the Rare Beer Club membership — you’ve probably never heard of the amazing bottles they send. By the way, if beer isn’t his thing, there are loads of other “of the month” clubs to choose from instead. Like bacon!

Hit the Local Entertainment Scene

 Some of the best gifts aren’t things — they’re experiences. Give Dad tickets to his favorite sporting events or set him up to hear his favorite local band this summer. You can find a wide range of local events at eventful.com if you’re not sure what’s coming to your area this season. Pro tip: When it doubt, think outside of the box and get tickets for a comedy club instead of a band. Guaranteed laughs are sure to make Dad happy.

Get Your Kids to Make a Keepsake

The best part about passing off the buck for this year’s Father’s Day gift to the kids is that the gift doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, toddlers can get away with making a few handprints or scribbles, and everyone will still fawn all over their efforts. It’s a piece of cake to hand your kids a set of Sharpies to decorate a plain t-shirt for Dad or Grandpa, and they’re sure to love it no matter what. If you’re a little worried that the man in your life wouldn’t be caught dead in a homemade t-shirt, have your kids decorate dress socks instead — they offer less real estate to flash in public.

Try a Man Crate

Some of the coolest gifts around come from Man Crates. From a beer can chicken kit to a gift card that must be chipped out of a block of concrete before it can be used, these gifts are a totally fun take on a classic themed gift basket — except that woven baskets aren’t nearly as tough as wooden crates. A favorite splurge for the adventuresome types? The Zombie Annihilation Crate. With these great ideas in your arsenal, there’s no excuse for throwing a lame, last-minute Father’s Day. Get started ahead of time to avoid backing yourself into a corner and paying to have something overnighted, and you’ll be ready to celebrate Dad in style this month.

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  1. b+ (Retire in Style Blog) on June 23, 2016 at 11:27 pm

    Good grief…I love it. You had me at infuse the booze. But the concrete block is genius!

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