7 Super Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life

By Kara Reynolds | Jun 15, 2017

It seems practical to shop for father’s day gifts at the last minute when the dads you love have played such a significant role in your life, right? Wrong. But hey, you can’t stop the clock from ticking, and thankfully the hard work has already been done. The list below compiles dad-ready gifts begging you to place them in the hands of a deserving dad. Take a look at the gift suggestions and decide for yourself which gift would bring on a winning smile. But remember, each of the father’s in your life is unique, so find ways to tailor these gift ideas to their specific taste.

Grill, Set, Match

Up their grill-game this year by adding improvements to their grilling set, or give it a total overhaul if needed. You can go with the standard grilling spatula, tongs or cleaning brush. But suggestions point to trying a meat thermometer or even better, an apron that says something along the lines of “I turn grills on.” Not only will they want to use their new gift today, but you’ve just scored yourself a free dinner — hot off the grill.

Yay Sports

Dads love sports. Whether they watch or play, you could bet good money anything sports related would garner a strong reaction out of any one of them. Depending on budget and what types of sports suit the dad’s in your life, these gift suggestions range in options. Get them tickets to a sporting event this summer or plan ahead for a game in the fall. Maybe active participation strikes a bigger chord with them. Buy them a few rounds of golf or purchase the golf club they’ve had their eye on for some time now. If all else fails, try apparel! Dads sure do love supporting their favorite teams and sports.

Nothing to Wine About

Know a dad who’s always asking you to taste their newly opened bottle of wine? Not that you complain when they do, but how about a gift to complement their habit? You could go with the standard bottle of wine, recommended highly from the local wine and spirits store clerk, or ramp it up with a shipment of pre-selected wine options. Who knows, maybe you’ll help them find their new favorite. Another additive to this gift, consider getting them a wine aerator — he’ll love impressing guests! You can always throw in a gift card to a BYOB restaurant if you want to win extra brownie points this year.

A Gift He’ll Go Nuts For

Does he love entertaining guests? Or does this all circle back to gift option number two? Whether for the sake of snacking during dinner parties or needing something to munch on during Sunday football games, get the guy a dried fruit and nut tray. This type of gift remains no hassle during its lifetime, simply open, snack and enjoy. A simple gift for a not so simple guy. Also, take into consideration that this option pairs nicely with numbers three and five on the list.

A Few Good Brews

Consider the last time you saw the dad’s in your life treat themselves to a new sampling of beer. Chances are they play it safe and buy the same case of [insert preferred beer here] because they’re rushing or don’t know how to spoil themselves. Find a well-stocked beer store in your area and select a variety of brews you think might fit their fancy. Go ahead and buy yourself the same sampling and suggest trying these new drinks together. Looking to take this gift to the next level? Look up local breweries and schedule a tour for the family — pending age, of course.

Let The Music Move You

Young dad, old dad or in-between dad? Find what music they workout to, drive to, or tune their children out to. Look up concert schedules in your area this summer and snag a few tickets for an afternoon or night out. Depending on the type of concert and where you purchase seats, you can often do concerts on a budget. Maybe tack on a gift card for dinner somewhere near the venue before the concert starts. Or if the dad you’re shopping for really likes music, consider a Bluetooth speaker for music on the go. They can listen to music while out by the pool, cooking dinner or working from home.

Sneak a Sweet Treat

They may not admit it, but dads often have a sweet tooth they can’t always overcome. Think long and hard — what treat do you always find them sneaking when they presume no one’s looking? Whip up a batch of their favorite brownies, buy them a bulk-sized container of their go-to chocolate covered nut or surprise them by baking the cake they patiently wait for you to make every year. This gift helps keep your budget happy, and the father’s stomach’s happier. Have you decided yet on the gifts you’ll purchase for father’s day this year? Hopefully you have a few options bouncing around inside your head at this point. The father’s in your life are unforgettable so make their gift as special as they are. Throw out the standard tie or money clip option — not literally, if you’ve already purchased it — and gift them something they’ll use, remember or keep forever. Make the goal of this year’s father’s day to have the dad’s in your life counting down to next year’s gift. No pressure or anything.

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