5 Fun Quarantine Projects for You or the Kids

By Kara Reynolds | Feb 4, 2021

The pandemic has been a tough time for almost everyone, both parents and kids alike. While some places are opening up here and there, most of the world is still in some form of lockdown. And although some lockdowns are stricter than others, chances are that some form of your regular routine has taken a hit due to the pandemic. Whether the kids are doing online school, you’re working from home or everyone’s extracurricular activities have ceased to meet in person for the foreseeable future, quarantine can have everyone a bit cooped up and on edge, even if you don’t quite realize it.

Sometimes, a good project is just what you — and the kiddos — need to let loose and feel a bit freer, especially if you’re stuck at home. No matter what your passion happens to be or what your kids love to do, taking on something new to fill the time in quarantine can be both productive for your lives and all of your mental health. Plenty of people have gotten into their form of quarantine projects, and there are so many options that can not only bring a bit of relaxation, but also fulfillment to a more dormant time in your home. Here are five fun quarantine projects you can work on with your kids during this time.

1. Redecorate

When you’re stuck in your home without anywhere else to go, it makes sense that you’d want to make your space as enjoyable and beautiful as possible. That’s why getting into some home decor DIY projects can be a great way to not only beautify your space, but to find something fulfilling to do with your time. This is also a great project for your kids to get involved in. You can all decorate shared spaces together or even encourage them to decorate their rooms in new and creative ways.

2. Get Gardening

If you have outdoor space that you can work with, why not start a garden together? Gardens tend to take time and effort, but they also offer the chance to get out in nature and connect with the earth. And what’s more, gardening offers so many rewards down the road when your plants bloom into delicious vegetables or beautiful flowers. Even if you and your family are brand new to gardening, it can be a great project you can embark on together. Before you know it, you’ll be pros.

3. Write a Book

The kids? Writing a book? Well, maybe not exactly. If there’s one thing that a lot of people realize when dealt a lot of free time is that creativity lives inside of everyone. If you’ve always dreamed of putting your writing skills to the test on the page, quarantine could be the perfect time to let your creativity run wild. And giving your kids a fun project like writing their own stories or constructing a book can foster self expression and creativity in them. You can even have quiet writing time together if that flows well in your house.

4. Make Music

Similar to writing, you can let your creativity fly by making music together in your house. Whether you’re a musician who has put your projects on the shelf or your kiddo takes piano lessons and has recently been inspiring you to learn an instrument for the first time. Music can feel freeing and fun, even if you’re completely new to it. Make music independently or together, listen to it and work towards your practice goals every day. It can truly feel fulfilling and wonderful.

5. Tackle a Fitness Goal

If you’re not the artsy type and don’t feel like writing or making music, you can always get your blood pumping as a family. While fitness and working out is often a personal thing, it can also be a great way to connect with the whole family and motivate one another to push yourselves to the next level. Get specific about your goal together and talk about it in your household — and make sure it’s accessible to everybody. You can run a 5k together, or even do something silly like having dad bench press one of the kiddos! When you work towards fitness goals together, you can get healthy and feel accomplished as a family.

Feeling Fulfilled During Quarantine — Together

No matter what goal or project you choose to embark on together, or even side by side, finding things to keep you busy and happy during quarantine isn’t simply about being productive. Really, it’s about finding fulfillment and happiness together in tasks that bring you joy. What’s something you want to introduce into your house during quarantine?

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