5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

By Kara Reynolds | Feb 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day can be a minefield for couples. You go all out on a pricey gift while your wife signs a card and calls it a day. You’re trying to watch your calorie intake and feel bad that you can’t eat anything at the fancy restaurant your hubby picked out. Unclear expectations are compounded by advertisements that set high – and maybe unrealistic – expectations. At the end of the day, any good Valentine’s Day is about spending time together, reconnecting, and letting your significant other know that they are loved.  It’s not about how much money you spend, but how much quality time you spend together. Here are five date ideas for Valentine’s Day that support a healthy lifestyle and a healthy relationship.

Boxing Day for Valentine’s Day

If you have made fitness and healthy living a priority for your relationship, why not try a new class at the gym? Kickboxing, yoga or a boot camp will get those endorphins kicking and also has the benefit of providing a new shared experience. A little healthy, flirtatious competition at the gym could lead you both to a better workout.  An added benefit is that studies show those who exercise together are more likely to report they are happy in their relationship.

Try a New Recipe Together

It’s no secret that restaurants upcharge on Valentine’s Day, meaning you’ll spend more money AND consume more calories just because it’s February 14. Why not spend some time looking up recipe ideas and cooking it together at home? For couples with kids, you can also enlist your mini sous chefs and save money on a babysitter! Just send them to bed before the dessert course for a little one-on-one time. The quality time you spend working together, as well as the pride you’ll feel when you plate your creation, will create lasting memories without breaking the bank.

Volunteer Together

Opening a box of jewelry is nice, but the high you will get working together to help your community is longer lasting.  Instead of adding to the clutter of your home with more gifts, you can look for volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood.  Spending the day stocking shelves at a food pantry, serving meals to those in need or visiting with the elderly at your local nursing home may end up benefitting you just as much as those you serve.

Go to New Heights Together

If you are in a long-term relationship, it may seem like you’ve tried every date idea under the sun.  That could mean you and your partner are in a date rut- headed to the same restaurants every free night.  Try something new and fitness friendly, like a rock climbing gym or indoor trampoline park. Maybe go super cray and try a trip in a hot air balloon or go for a crazy hike. Both will take your relationship to new heights.

Try a DIY Project

Why not pick a project around the home that has been on the honey-do list for ages and tackle it at a couple? Pick one that you will both benefit from and that will promote your healthy lifestyle. Focus on the bedroom (it is Valentine’s Day after all), and crank up some music while you declutter, hang new art on the walls, and make the bed with fresh sheets.  Or pour a glass of wine and sort through your family photos of the past year, reliving great memories and choosing which ones to print to (finally) hang on your gallery wall.  No matter which easy DIY project you choose, you’ll accomplish something that you will see every day. If you listen to the advertisements, Valentine’s Day is a time to blow your budget and your healthy lifestyle. But a fit couple knows February 14th doesn’t have to spell disaster for your workout and eating goals. By trying one of these five fit date ideas, you can grow as a couple and stay on track to be your best selves in 2016.

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