13 Creative Food Gifts to Send Your Family

By Kara Reynolds | Aug 24, 2020

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, maybe you want to send a gift to a distant relative to show how much you care. While flowers always delight, they aren’t the most original gifts.Why not help your family chow down on their favorite snacks while they shelter-in-place and binge-watch Netflix? After all, many people face severe economic hardship during this pandemic, and they appreciate all the help they can get. Think outside the grocery-store-gift-certificate box with these creative food gifts.

An Airfryer 

What’s the most depressing thing about french fries? If you replied, “Nothing, duh,” you’ve never known the struggle of tossing a half-eaten order in the trash because they got cold. However, with a quality air fryer oven, your lucky recipient can reheat McDonald’s magic until it almost tastes fresh from the grease in seconds.

A Pizza and Stone

You can make a far better pizza at home than lukewarm delivery, but without a woodfired oven, you need a stone to create the perfect crust. Why stop with the utensil alone? Make it a combo gift by adding an authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza to curb their cravings. It’s uber-thoughtful if they love pie, but live on the coast and understandably hesitate to travel.

A Countertop Wine Rack

Since the pandemic began, alcohol sales increased by 27%, and maybe your family enjoys a glass of vino with their evening meal. Help them to say no to overflowing boxed wine with an elegant countertop wine rack. It looks lonely solo, so they’ll have to reduce their consumption to stock it.

A Veggie Spiralizer

Has your sister-in-law lamented the dreaded “quarantine 15” during your last Zoom happy hour? Help her or other family members in need get their diets back on track with a nifty veggie spiralizer that makes replacing carb-laden pasta with zoodles a snap. They can go keto or add more plant-based foods to their daily intake.

A Personalized Family Cookbook

If your family members have a little more time on their hands than usual, they might want to recreate grandma’s famous Dutch apple pie. Once they master it, how can they pass down the magic to their grandchildren someday? Why not give them a personalized family cookbook to share their secrets with the privileged few?

A Quality Grill Utensil Set

Maybe your family got in on the trend of pulling the barbie around to the front yard to encourage neighborly togetherness while social distancing. They need a proper set of utensils to flip their burgers and cauliflower steaks, so give the gift of a grilling accessory set.

An Electric Tea Kettle

If your beloved aunt still makes tea by zapping the water in the microwave, she’s spending far too long trying to get a single cuppa. What happens if she needs more than one spot of chamomile to ease her into dreamland? Give her an electric tea kettle. Even if your loved one switches back and forth between coffee and tea, they can use their electric kettle to brew a hot cup of coffee with a French press or using the pour over method.

A Window Herb Garden and Shears

Herbs can benefit human health significantly. Studies show that oregano oil is effective against the antibiotic-resistant MRSA virus, and others, like mints, can calm upset tummies.

An Overhead Pot Rack

When your brother-in-law opens his cabinets, does the clamor of tumbling pots and pans wake up the neighbors three doors down? Why not help them cut kitchen clutter with a rustic overhead pot rack? They’ll reciprocate with a virtual kiss for clearing out more space to stash their end-of-the-world prepper supplies.

Refillable Spice Jars

Has anyone besides folks who like homemade pickles ever used coriander seeds? Many pre-filled containers sit on commercial spice racks going stale.  Instead, get your lucky recipient a set of refillable glass jars to keep bulk quantities of those they use most frequently.

A Safer Mandoline

There’s nothing quite like the exquisite agony of running your knuckles over a mandoline’s blades — that’s not spaghetti sauce. Why not give the beginner chef some protection by investing in a mandoline with a safety grip that holds their cucumber and protects their fingers?

An Instant Pot

If your distant family members have littles, they sometimes need to get dinner on the table in a hurry. Make dinner less cumbersome on those already working-from-home while teaching homeschool with an instant pot. Merely add the ingredients, press the right buttons and dinner is served with minimal fuss.

A “Kiss the Cook” Apron

Your favorite budding chef deserves a personalized apron to wear while they whip up their creations. You can go with a traditional “kiss the cook” version, or find a rhinestone-studded one for the glamorous chef. If you’re on a shoestring budget, why not go with a basic model and learn how to bling it up yourself with the help of YouTube?

Delight Your Family With These Creative Food Gifts

Food gifts are far better than flowers because they nourish your body along with your spirit. Make the day of the happy chef in your family with one of these inspired gifts.


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