10 Make-Ahead Meals to Freeze

By Willow Breckenridge | May 5, 2021

You know the drive-thru isn’t your best bet when it comes to dinnertime. However, if you are one of the many harried parents trying to juggle life in this new pandemic reality, sometimes, you lack time to play Martha Stewart at supper. Have no fear — the ten make-ahead meals to freeze below will keep your loved ones’ bellies full, freezer stocked, and bodies well-nourished. 

1. Spinach and Artichoke Chicken Casserole

The best part about any dinner party is the spinach and artichoke dip. However, you don’t have to wait until your next get-together to savor the flavor with this recipe. The chicken breast adds protein, and if you want to go for a rustic country restaurant feel, add a flaky biscuit for dipping. Your family will want to sop up every last drop of deliciousness. 

2. Rustic Italian Tortellini Soup

The weather is still frightful in many parts of the country. If you need a hearty meal that will warm your family’s hearts and bellies on a blustery day, look no further than this nutritious soup. Best of all, it only takes 20 minutes to prep, let alone defrost — you won’t have to give up hours on your food prep day to get this dish freezer-ready. Wait to add the shredded cheese topping until you are ready to serve. 

3. Turkey and Spinach Veggie Lasagna

The components of a hearty, nutritious meal include plenty of veggies, lean protein and a grain or starch. Get all three in this turkey and spinach veggie lasagne that won’t leave you wanting for your dairy, either. We’re talking oodles of melty ooey-gooey goodness — folks of all ages should wear bibs. 

4. Curried Chicken Pot Pie 

Why settle for a chicken pot pie that tastes like the cardboard box it came in? Spice things up a notch while making them fresher and healthier with this curried chicken pot pie. You might need to serve it with a side dollop of sour cream to absorb some of the heat, although it’s not tangy enough to offend the tiniest tongues. 

5. Baked Spaghetti Casserole

Spaghetti is a perennial favorite for those nights where any complaints will make your ears start to steam. However, it’s such a bother cleaning all those sauce splatters off the stove. Eliminate the mess when you feel tired by popping this freezer-perfect baked spaghetti casserole and letting it heat while you take five to ten minutes for a mini yoga and meditation break. 

6. Chicken, Broccoli, Bacon and Potato Bake

There’s nothing that screams comfort food more than this recipe that blends all your favorite flavors in culinary harmony. Plus, any dish that marries potatoes and cheese sticks to your ribs and warms your belly on cold days. The bacon makes this dish not the most friendly for Meatless Monday, but that’s why there are six other days in the week. 

7. Vegetable and 3-Cheese Stuffed Shells

How do you get your kiddos to eat their vegetables? Spinach and broccoli are two of the healthiest greens they could gobble. Your little ones will hardly notice the healthy stuff as they dig into the gooey, cheese-and-sauce-coated pasta. You’ll appreciate the fact that all you had to do was preheat the oven after a tiring day. 

8. Best Vegan Meatballs

What if your little ones scream for spaghetti when Meatless Monday rolls around? You can keep it clean and please your newly vegan teenager with these meatballs that are cruelty-free. The beans and walnuts might give these alternatives even more protein than the breadcrumb-laden meat version. Plus, you know that no cows were injured in the making of your meal. 

9. Chicken Quesadilla 

You might not think that this dish would refreeze as beautifully as it does until you taste the results. Green and red bell peppers are two of the best sources of vitamin C, a vital nutrient for your family’s immune health. Like many child-pleasing favorites on this list, these quesadillas live up to their Spanish name with gobs of drippy and delicious cheese. 

10. Chicken Chorizo Chili

If you’re trying to reduce your family’s red meat intake, there’s no need to give up the goodness of chili. Substitute chicken or turkey for pork chorizo and enjoy all the flavors with far less fat. This recipe is thick and hearty enough to enjoy solo, but it also tastes delightful topping noodles. Make them the spiralized veggie variety if you’re trying to sneak more greens into your children’s diets. 

Feed Your Family Well With These 10 Make-Ahead Meals to Freeze 

When it comes to crazy-day dinners, don’t raise the white flag to drive-thru temptation. Feed your family well with these ten make-ahead meals to freeze and enjoy when things get hectic. 

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