10 Fun Cookies to Bake with Your Kids

By Kara Reynolds | Nov 29, 2021

Cookies are the way to a child’s heart. They’re fun, easy to eat and super versatile and tasty! 

Typically, cookie baking happens around the holidays, but when that time comes around, it’s more about efficiency in the kitchen than fun. Cranking out dozens of cookies to give away is usually best done without the kiddos in the kitchen. 

However, sometimes, kids want to be involved in the kitchen. They want to learn how to make their favorite treats and throw a little bit of flour and sugar around the kitchen. When the kids are home because of a snow day, holiday or weekend, baking cookies with them is a great way to bond and get them involved. 

There are so many cookie options out there, but here are ten fun cookies to bake with the kids! 

1. Funfetti Cookies

Funfetti cookies are loaded with colorful sprinkles and are super simple to make. Kids will love getting their hands in the dough and pouring in all different colored sprinkles. Plus, they’re full of vanilla flavor, super soft and can go in the freezer for a snack at a later time. They only take half an hour to complete, meaning the kids can dive into them in no time! 

2. Fruit Pizza Cookies

Fruit pizza is a popular summer dessert. It uses sugar cookie dough as the crust, a cream cheese frosting for the sauce and fruit as the toppings! This variation on fruit pizza allows kids to make individual mini pizzas, complete with their own toppings. It’s easier to serve and has a cuter presentation.

3. Hot Cocoa Sandwich Cookies

These cookies are perfect for the kids who want a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie as a snack on a snow day. Flavors include chocolate and marshmallows, which is the perfect combination for hot cocoa. They’re easy to make, and the kids will love to make them into sandwiches. 

4. Monster Cookies

No monsters are involved in making these cookies, but they’ll satisfy any little monster who loves chocolate, peanut butter, and chewiness in their cookies. Kids can help by adding anything but the kitchen sink into these cookies, and they are truly unique depending on what the child puts in them. From chocolate chips to M&Ms to Reese’s Pieces, anything goes with monster cookies.

5. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Many families have their own chocolate chip cookie recipe. They’re one of the most classic cookies, and they never fail to put a smile on a child’s face. Kids love the pieces of chocolate throughout the cookie, and they go great with a glass of milk! These chocolate chip cookies are a bit more advanced, but the kids will still have fun helping! 

6. Easy Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are super simple, and kids can have fun decorating them once they’re out of the oven. The only ingredients are flour, baking soda, baking powder, butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla. Kids can add frosting and sprinkles once cooled for even more cookie fun!

7. Cookie Monster Oreos

These are cookies that don’t even have to go into the oven. Kids will love helping make these cookies! In the end, they’ll look like Cookie Monster. The kids can dip Oreo cookies into blue candy melts, add some candy eyes, royal blue decorating sprinkles and mini chocolate chip cookies. 

8. Cookiedilla

This recipe takes a savory dish and makes it sweet. For an easier take on this recipe, use pre-packaged chocolate chip cookie dough. Make two flat and large chocolate chip cookies. Allow them to cool and layer marshmallow creme and chocolate fudge sauce between. Slice and serve like a quesadilla!

9. Edible Cookie Dough

Kids will love helping with this cookie recipe because they don’t have to wait for the cookies to bake! Edible cookie dough has become all the craze in the past few years. It keeps eggs out, ensuring that it’s safe for consumption. The kids can add any mix-ins, from chocolate chips to Skittles to sprinkles. 

10. Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Another fun cookie to bake with kids is the cinnamon roll cookie. It combines two tasty desserts into one! Take a basic sugar cookie dough recipe, shape it into a rectangle, add in cinnamon roll filling, roll it up and cut it into thin slices. Bake and drizzle with vanilla icing! They look like cinnamon rolls and taste like them, but they’re cookies. 

Get Out the Baking Gear

When baking with kids, ensure they are safe in the kitchen. Keep knives and heavy objects away from their reach. Additionally, make sure they understand that the oven is hot. Once they understand these basic rules, they can enter the kitchen and have a blast baking all of these fun cookies! 

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